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China military century Videos

18th Century Chinese Military Helmet

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China Military Super-power 中国军事大國.extends her 21st Century Military Power Speed further

China Military Super-power 中国军事大國. extends her 21st Century Military Super-power Global Speed Further Up. 中國一個崛起的軍事大國延續The collective ...

Chinese military reform in 80s CENTURY 中國 軍隊 改革

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I miss you....

Chinese People's Liberation Army Air Force (中國人民解放軍空軍)

In 21st century, China has undergone rapid modernisation for its air force! PLAAF has 330000 personnel 2500+ aircrafts, 500+ helicopter 1617+ combat aircrafts ...

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共匪空軍的實力被很多五毛惡意放大,其實也不過是想故意造成一種"台灣容易摧毀"的假象來愚弄大眾而已,下面就依照維基的資料來對共匪空軍兵力來做個簡單的整理給有興趣的人參考: A.第一部分~~共匪空中武力總兵力 [殲擊機]: 殲7:(數量)810- (型號)殲-7II、殲-7III、殲-7G、殲-7EB (現況)已停產,退役中 殲8:(數量)250- (型號)殲-8、殲-8B、殲-8D、殲-8F、殲-8H、殲偵-8F、殲-8EG (現況)已停產,退役中 殲10:(數量)460+ (型號)殲-10A、殲-10S、殲-10B(量產中,已有51架曝光)、殲-10C(試飛中) 殲11:(數量)400+ (型號)殲-11A、殲-11B、殲-11BS、殲-11D(試飛中) 殲15:(數量)16+ (型號)殲-15(量產中,已有10架曝光)、殲-15S(試飛中) 殲20:(數量)6+ (型號)第3架(2011)、第4架(2012)、第5架(2013)、第6架(2015) (現況)試飛中 殲31:(數量)2+ (型號)第1架(31001)、第2架(31002) (現況)試飛中 蘇27:(數量)59+ (型號)蘇-27SK、蘇-27UBK (現況)退役中 蘇35:(數量)0 (型號)蘇35 (現況)採購中 [殲轟機]: 殲轟7:(數量)240+ (型號)殲轟-7A、殲轟-7B(試飛中) 殲16:(數量)24+(計劃替代) (型號)已服役裝備空軍部隊,量產型已經有15+曝光 蘇30:(數量)97 (型號)蘇-30MKK、蘇-30MK2 [強擊機]: 強5:(數量)180- (型號)強-5D、強-5E、強-5F、強-5J、強-5S (現況)已停產,退役中 [轟炸機]: 轟6:(數量)150 (型號)轟-6G、轟-6M、轟-6H、轟-6K [預警機]: 空警200:(數量)150 空警500:(數量)1+ 空警2000:(數量)5 空警200:(數量)150 [無人機]:(略,全在測試中未服役) B.第二部分~~共匪面對台灣的目前空中武力總兵力 台海的空中主戰兵力: [南京軍區空中實力]~~南京軍區為台海的主戰部隊 第3殲擊師:(型號)殲-10A (8團)、 蘇-30MKK (9團)、殲-7E (駐地)蕪湖(7團和9團)、湖州長興(8團) 第14殲擊師:(型號)殲-11A(40團)、蘇-27UBK、殲-7E (駐地)南昌、樟樹 第10轟炸師:(型號)轟-6H(28、29團)轟-6K (駐地)安慶、南京 第28強擊師:(型號)殲轟-7A、強-5(83團) (駐地)杭州、嘉興 第26特種師:(型號)KJ-2000,KJ-200,KJ-500(預警團)、殲-8(原偵三團)、直-8K(搜救團) (駐地)無錫 第29殲擊師師改旅/上海基地:(型號)蘇-30MKK(85旅)、殲-11A/殲-11BS、86旅、93旅、(殲-8) (駐地)衢州、崇明島 福建前進機場:(型號)駐殲-6,強-5、殲-11A/殲-11BS/蘇-30MKK/殲-10A/殲-8/殲轟-7A前進部署/駐訓 (駐地)武夷山、水門、泉州晉江、福州義序、龍巖冠豸山 [東海艦隊空中實力]~~東海艦隊為台海的海軍主戰部隊 海航4師(殲擊師):(型號)蘇-30MK2(10團)、卡-28\直-9C(11團)、殲-10AH(12團) (駐地)安徽肥東、寧波莊橋、台州路橋 海航6師(混編師):(型號)殲轟-7A(16團)、轟-6G(17團)、殲轟-7A(18團) (駐地)上海大場、浙江義烏、常州奔牛 獨4團(艦載機團):(型號)卡28 (駐地)寧波莊橋 各殲擊師下設三個團,每團各有一個飛行大隊與機務大隊,各飛行大隊下設二個飛行中隊,每個中隊有四架殲擊機,每個殲擊師邊有120架軍用飛機.轟炸機師編制與殲擊機師雷同,但總機數為95架. 對上面資料內容來做個初步的拿捏計算,排除其他機種而專看"殲擊機"(戰鬥機)的部分,我們可以知道:共匪在對面布置的殲擊機,數量上其實是與國軍相當的,並沒有一般假想的那種"特別多到好幾倍"的狀況產生~~而且其中還參雜了一部分已經非常落伍的殲七,殲八,強五等,以及性能不怎麼樣的殲轟七.真正對台的主力機種,其實只有殲10跟殲11這二種而已~!然而,殲10跟殲11的性能真的好過台灣的F16,IDF跟幻象2000這三種主力戰機嗎~??還需要我繼續佔版面來解釋下去嗎~??(很多軍武迷已經開始討厭我在很多板上面這麼囉嗦在"教常識"了~~)
+Shiyu Liu 你們呀~~要是沒有你俄國爺爺點頭幫你修引擎或提供料件, 你的空軍就要加入陸軍了
+普華釋(台日應該統一被陸逼告狀屏蔽) 你们啊 naive,一开战没有机场给你用的,真正能保护台湾的是毒刺
I dont understand why some Americans always want to start the war and take out the resource from the developing country? Americans don't want peace because they thought they got the most powerful weapon of the world. That is why China spend a lots of money for the army. Keep those developing countries such as Pakistani safe. Americans think Chinese are weak? We just love peace. But some stupid Americans think we are weak. We will see in the future... Do not cry...
+Phong Nguyen haha, vietnamese moaning
Ok, so you think the world need China? What we, like all (i mean absolutely "all") of your neighbor country know about your pathetic propaganda "peaceful rising" is an aggressive and greedy country with frequent bully action. 

21st Century Super Guns Documentary - Most Devasting Weapon In The Military - Military Channel

21st Century Super Guns Documentary - Most Devasting Weapon In The Military - Military Channel A supergun is an extremely big artillery piece. This size could ...

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Huge super guns are nothing more than big, fat, and vulnerable targets. Radar will pick up that first shell, a computer will backtrack the trajectory to where it was fired from, and by the time the crew gets the damn thing loaded for the second shot, a cruise missile is on the way.
+beaconrider +beaconrider -ah-exactly what i just wrote.Its a bullshit weapon.Reply
+beaconrider -ah-exactly what i just wrote.Its a bullshit weapon.
+beaconrider That depends on the technological capabilities of your armaments industry and your options on the international market. When Iraq was facing a regime change focused counter-invasion during the Iran-Iraq war, facing an arms embargo and with limited domestic missile technology, they focused on superguns and that proved to be an effective weapon in the field. You might want to research the work of Gerald Bull - a modern "supergun" designer with military and commercial success. He even proposed launching satellites into orbit with artillery as a more cost-effective choice compared to multi-stage rockets.
+we wear the mask Certainly, one shot can destroy A target.  But the cost is going to be the destruction of your weapon.  There are cheaper ways to deliver a one time warhead.
+beaconrider It's a strategic weapon. Especially when loaded with unconventional munitions, a second shot may not be necessary.
Did the Belgian Federal Police investigate Bull's murder? Or, did they look the other way?
+Grey Jay mossad killed him with five shots
It's the same old story... whatever Israel wants, Israel gets. Usually at the expense of other countries, using it's self-appointed "chosen ones" status as license to break local and international laws.
+Steve PaulssonBullshit.  Check your history.  Ask yourself this: Why is it that the Jews as a people have been kicked out of nearly every country in the world or at least been ostracized for being who they are?  What other people claim superior status even over their allies?  What Jew in his right mind even wanted to move to that garbage dump of a Palestine except for the forced relocation of WWII and the rich Jews that were behind it?No normal red-blooded Jew wanted to leave Europe, they were driven there by the Zionist-backed Nazis in their bid to establish a Jewish home state.  They claim that it's theirs by reason of their lineage to Abraham.  It's funny, too, to hear atheists whine about Israel's enemies knowing what the Jews believe about their superior status as God's "chosen ones".All of this in the knowledge that God rejected them as a people, yet they still cling to the fanatical hope for a messiah.  They hold grudges like no other culture and send their hit squads into sovereign countries to get at those they believe are their enemies.  How would you like someone traipsing through your house on some vendetta that has nothing to do with you?  Yet, these fascists believe that their "chosen one" status surpasses all other people's rights.As for surviving, America sends billions every year to these professional beggars to help them bomb the shit out of their enemies.  Israel repays their generosity by doing things like this:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USS_Liberty_incidentJews are in influential positions in government and the media and their lobbies surpass all others, even the NRA.  Say whatever you want about any other culture, but, you touch a Jew and your ass is handed to you.  Even certain "Christian" denominations cater to Israel... like that fat idiot John Hagee, who spends half of any given year over in Israel touching base with his Zionist bosses.You got it right when you say that Israel does what it has to do... and it usually does it at someone else's expense!
+Harry Orchard Israel has been in a de facto state of war for 69 years and is in a very dangerous situation. The 1967 border ran through the middle of Jerusalem and along the outskirts of Tel Aviv, 14 km from the sea. It is smaller than New Jersey. It is surrounded by hostile states with 18 times its population and 12 times its GDP. It does what it needs to do to survive.
this video's old..why?
+Bailey Fox -becos the video is still talking about the first gulf war.Most of those 155 howitzers have been destroyed in gulf war 1 and 2.Yes it is very old.
+Bailey Fox because it was made a while ago..... ????? Thats a dumb question by the way
+Bailey Fox What's wrong with old?It's no where near as old as me, lol

Half a Century of Military Aviation by my Dad

A photo history of my fathers 53 year career in Military Aviation. He worked on each type of aircraft featured in this video. During his carrer he served with such ...

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* to answer you question my Father worked and flew for North American Aviation since 1956 until his death before that he worked and flew with Cecile Underwood, James Sells Sr and Howard Huges and a sparrow (bird) wing design is used as you know and sparrows like earwigg insects (bugs) to feed
My hat's off to your Dad! He's yet another reason of why this country is so strong. I appreciate everybody who has an AF background, like my Father, as well. He inspired me to join the USAF, and I/ we, share our Father's love for all things aviation. I hope yours is still around, as well.
Absolutely fantastic if I may say so. Timing is perfect and subject matter is extremely appropriate...I give it 5 stars
Beautiful collection, Beautiful Tribute, Your father is/was lucky to have such a son.thank you so much.
cant beleive ur dad got to work with the ra-5 tose are awesome, btw really nice vid
He worked during a golden era of technological progress. Lucky guy.
* He the keeper of the earwigg and sparrow and my friend
what was watching a vigilante landing like?
Dad was a lucky fellow, Godspeed to him!
Complimenti al babbo......
I'm sorry for your loss.
nicely put together !
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