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Oakland mall coupons Videos

Black Friday Deal @ Rite Aid

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Can you print from that notebook??? 
you know I am not sure you can, however you should be able to print...I will check it out and see,,,
Hi, Rose. I bought this item, last year, and I returned it, we could connected the wifi, and they give me another one, and the same, so I returned and got my money, good luck with it, I want to share it with you..let me know how work for you, maybe our was damaged or something..thanks
good for you,, I didn't have any luck, so I passed, is a good gift, for the money. thanks
+Welcome2Couponing I  was successful hooking up to the internet using wifi.... 
Thanks for the information, I will definitely test it out to make sure it can connect to the internet with wifi......

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Randy you need to throw away those gifs your ex gave you its not nice keeping things fromthe past especially know that you and bella have a relationship going on.Oh bella dont try to be noisy but be real careful with those pans your using.Try using iron pans instead to cook.
Randy throw away all the stuff from your exes that's just clutter from the past & you should put your pictures in photo albums to keep them organized and you can always go back and look thru the albums ;) I hope I helped
I think Randy should just keep things that have a lot of sentimental value. But as far as anything that has to do with ex-gf's, get rid of it! lol That is kind of rude since you have a relationship with Bella. :)
I keep all my childhood pictures in one small box, other stuff I just keep in plastic bins, label them and store them somewhere in my house, just like I store christmas/halloween decorations.
my boyfriend have the same problem :( it sucks.. lol! he has room full of weird things lol so idk! what to do with him.. lol i hope they both figure it out!
I'm glad the fire didn't get out hand.I hope you have smoke alarms throughout your home just in case. ;)
Randy take out every thing and put back only what you ásbßoluly love.you will feel..so much better.
Re: Randy's stuff, I usually storage it away in a box or just leave it at my parents house :)
you should get a pastry tray like Dulce to put your bracelets, they might have some at ROSS
go threw it and things that you can't let go make scrapbooks and keepsake boxes
lol bella u crack me up. everytime u eat something you go: mmmm mhm mhm mmmm
Im waiting for an episode that says : WE ARE ENGAGED =P HINT HINT RANDY
Love you videos .you and randy have a beautiful relationship .
The black thingy by the doggys eyes are their dried tears.
toss em out...just do it thats what i tell myself
Oh i forgot your office looks real nice bellla
Throw away the gfs gifts .. keep the fotos ..
The kung pao frozen dinner is really good too
Ooooo, jewelry collection please?
Not cool Randy, NOT COOL! Lol.
you need an instagram...lols
You look so pretty here.
love your area setup!
BlogTv :) :)

Shoppers Trampled In Buffalo Black Friday Madness

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'Murica. Uh, you idiots know you still have to pay for this useless crap, right?
Only some Americans shop on Black Friday.
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