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Cupcakes oakland mall Videos

Supreme Cupcakes at K St Lounge

Oakland Speaks: #Sex Ed - Dance by Power Puff Crew

The Mall - A Question of Balance

The Mall - A Question of Balance.

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the straits, mistakes, mistakes it all matters, a burning child a farmed disease mistakes, it all matters from burning tapes of dead beliefs mistakes, it all matters, i remember we all would play whirlwind now we're older, we wont learn anything the dead stop listening to what there saying

Ohio valley mall security ass whoopin!! 2nd VIEW

Mr. Brightside on BART/Subway in San Francisco ^.^

So we were going to San Francisco coming from Sprinkles Cupcakes in Palo Alto, it was pretty late and there was no people in our train haha so we decided to ...

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i soooo went to westfield with you(: taha,boo when you're dancing on bart,i laughed like so loud, xDD
where's the Juicy Couture?! show me Juicy & i'll lovvee youu forever.
oh I love you guys!! you guys r super funny!
i was right behind it in the video :/// haha
They dont sell my glasses anymore :)
ahah ! youre crazy bestfriend
Call It Off by Tegan And Sara
Aha, this is kewt[:
wtf! thats fuckedup
cutee video
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