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CSS in Seattle 09/18/2008 @ Neumo's

Arena Bowl XXII - Jovi Highlights

All the little clips of Jon and friends at the Arena Bowl.

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OMG - the Jovi lads are in ALL BLACKS tops at 2:10!!!!!!!!!! Come back to NZ lads...soon! So excited for all of the team and the Joviland fans too - waht a fantastic post - all the highlights of the best bits (he he he!) so we dont have to ffwd through our own dvd'd ESPN!!!! THANK YOU TARA - you are wonderful!
LOL! Yeah, it's a ju-ju or mojo bag that Sambora got on Bourbon street in New Orleans. They are a superstitious lot, that's for sure! That and Voodoo is the capital religion out there. I'm sure they just wanted to keep their bases cov'd. LOL
Sucks we won't see the Soul repeat because the AFL is history sadly. Arena Football will NEVER compare to the NFL, but who would have thought the SOUL would win a championship BEFORE the suckjob Eagles? :-)
Tara thanks for this! The ESPN feed went out with 28 seconds on the clock over here in the UK, so I missed that last breath taking seconds. Thanks again, bloody wonderful! WTG Soul!
hey Lara...heard a radio station thing on WMMR about that. It was a ju-ju bag or Mojo bag from Bourbon Street. Richie got it! LOL When in N'olans do like the N'olans do. hehehe
Tara, you're a doll! Thank you so much for posting this awesome video. The game was awesome. But for me, half the thrill was catching glimpses of Jon on TV! Thank you so much!
I think it depends on your satellite server. I have a few friends in England that watched it. But yes, that's New Orleans..it was on ABC here on regular channels.
He sure is! And even hooked me from the WMMR website. Crazy little world we live in. Looks like he was having a blast in there with all those crazy people!
Thanks so much for posting this! I recorded the game...but now i don't have to fast forward it looking for the shots of Jon....you've got them all here!!!
We are very lucky down here in New Zealand! We got it live on ESPN!! Amazing that you can watch something like that live way down here!
LOL well, i'm glad I could help out. I loved the game and it totally kicked my butt...but it's nice having the man all in one spot. ;)
Philly Soul Arena Bowl Champions* *- Did not beat the dragons in the playoffs, won based on bullshit calls from a crooked official.
Actually, that's Stephanie! She's gone blonde for the summer. LOL I couldn't believe it was her either...the little blonde is Ava.
Thank you so much for sharing... Great video ...Great man.../ congrats Jon!!!!/ & Great football- players... NICE..AWESOME...!!!
HEY...thanx for that,was that shown only on American tv....?? We DOnt get nuthin like that in Ireland...Thanx..>!!
oh yeah .. they won... and jon looks sexy...who's that girl jon's hugging at 6:19 - is she a fan or who??????
Its Eddy moten, he played for the soul inaugural season, hees in his 40's so hees retired, he was number 6
Who is the woman with him at 2:11 back to the left? and the guy that gives him a hug at 5:05 ish?
In 5:02 behind Jon who is that HANDSOME-SEXY GUY ???... later on hugged Jon.... * NICE HUG *....
Congrats to Jon, Richie, and the Soul!!!! We love all so very much! You guys so deserve the win!
yeaaahhh Jon your team is the best footbal team ever!!! I love american footbal!!!♥♥
That's the way it works...you're kids always out grow you...lol. Congrats Jonny Baby!!!
I'm glad the AFL is back on ESPN. Hopefully all the Sharks games will be on there.
;) Nooooo problem! Glad I could get it up so fast to share those last moments.
OMG! everyone was there! jon,richie,obie,matt,steph,romeo,jen,john sr.!!!wow!
Not sure...i'm pretty sure it wasn't jesse tho. He was wearing a white jersey
It was Richie holding the championship ring. Saying this will be ours.
stephanie?? how do you know it??? haha shes almost taller than jon!!
Hi Princess! @ 2:11 It's his mom but I don't know the guy @ 5:05.
OMG THANK YOU!!!!! This is just awesome!
@FlyersHockeyPride Yeah man i can wait

Tour a Fancy UES Triplex

A triplex at 2 East 70th Street was built in 1928 and has had only two owners. You could be the third! Youll get a view of Central Park from the bathroom, an oval ... //buymagazines.org/de/reviews/2263-tangerine-beach-hotel/

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19 million is a lot of money, but then again this a good building in the prime stretch of Fifth Avenue(60s & 70s), the finest address in America.
It's so beautiful. I can only dream of living in a place like that.
19 million? that's it? must have rats and bedbugs.
19 million dollars? outrageous.

California House

Debussy: The Girl with the Flaxen Hair (SDSU Brass)

Brass ensamble from SDSU perform "The Girl with the Flaxen Hair" by Claude Debussy from Préludes Book I, arranged by David Marlatt (?)

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@zthetha This song is not easy, and the trumpet is ofcourse not easy, so why awful?
This is fuckin awful!

Burning building pt. 2

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