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Club nitro car game Videos

Club Nitro - Game Walkthrough (1-5 Races)

//www.freegamesexplorer.com/games/videos/club-nitro/ Club Nitro is a simple but very entertaining racing game with lots of nice features. All you need to do ...

User Comments

nice one...well, except for the top view, the controls are quite hard for me but it got better after a few runs, this one's easy to beat, the opponents are moderate, they're not very competitive, very nice for novice players, I like the nitro boosters but I made a mistake of activating it at the corners...haha, I crashed and lost the race...lol.
+brett corsair , yup, it really is awkward if you're playing it for the first time, but practice makes perfect, just need to play it over and over and you'll get better in no time...
You're not the only one dude, all the players I've met doesn't seem to like the top view racers if you're playing on the keyboard, the awkward controls seem to make the game more difficult, I played this one too and it's quite hard to control, luckily, the opponents were moderate...I still managed to beat a few levels...lol. still quite nice for me.
Racing games with top view are not for me...I get very confused with the controls, but other than that cool game, I finish the races almost every time in 1st place, just don't forget to upgrade you car or even buy a new one.
Yeah, me too, controls are awkward but the POV is nice...


PLAY GAMES; //www.addictinggames.com/car-games/club-nitro-game.jsp.

Review game Speed Club Nitro

I'm HHH Review game Speed Club Nitro Link to play //www.y8.com/games/speed_club_nitro.

Club Nitro Racing - Mini Racing Game Online

A great mini racing game online. Similar to other games on our site like, Offroaders and Turbo Rally Racing, Club Nitro features mini racers and cool winding ...

Club Nitro

Quick mini-game demo of Club Nitro. Use the Arrow keys to accelerate and steer. https://zlumi.com/de/reviews/2366-mhlbachstberl/

Club Nitro Walkthrough

Club Nitro Walkthrough.

club nitro games

Club Nitro killer 4x4 time 3:11.55 top in U.S.

DirtRunners R/C Car Club Nitro Late Model

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