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Bmw car club nj Videos

last session summit point july nj bmw cca club

new engine with new aero package.

NJMP Lightning NJ Chapter BMW CCA 10/12/14

3rd session in the intermediate group.

NJMP Thunderbolt - NJ BMW CCA - HPDE - Day 1 / Run 1 - June 4, 2012 (GoPro HD)

This was a High Performance Driver's School, Club Racer's School and Club Racing. I was doing the driver's school in the Green Run Group (Experienced ...

NJMP Thunderbolt E36 M3 vs Evo IX NJ BMW CCA 6/8/10 part 2

This picks up where davem3fan's clip (//www.youtube.com/watch?v=7l8xskirkAA) ends. This is session 3 of day 2.

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@horses020 WOW!!! Good eye!!! I didn't think anyone would ever spot that! The alignment is fine, the steering wheel is off a bit as I only adjusted the toe on one side of the car after changing the camber instead of both sides to keep the wheel centered.
you can see the bimmer let you pass,as you drove by,i couldn't hear no engine sound whick simply means he let you go,but was shitting on your brand new plastic toy all day before allowing you to pass. what a shame on you and mitsubitch!
@kay19833 Relax... this is not a race. Just some friends playing around having some fun.
It's not a race, everyone in this HPDE needs to be given permission to pass.
You should get your steering realigned that would help you a little bit.
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