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91 club car rpm limiter Videos

jdm d15b vtec stock acceleration with Bee*R rev limiter

Honda civic eg3 hb 95 jdm d15b vtec stock from cyprus engine: throttle body b18c type r air filter simota fuel rail & fuel injectors d16a vtec, fuel pump b18c type r ...

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how many hp you makin
+Demetris mx (YZF450) stock internals right
i don't know man, don't yet test on dyno.

Custom Importz - Rev Limiter Testing

New product at Custom Importz, Rev Limiter/Launch Controller!! Contact us today about buying one only $150AUD!! Suits Most Vehicles! Will need a ... https://un-electronics.com/de/reviews/806-hotel-villanueva/

Rev limiter

Acuvance/Keyence Tachyon Airia RevLimiter GRK2 RWD

Acuvance/Keyence Tachyon Airia RevLimiter GRK2 RWD Luxon 10.5T motor, limiter turns on 32000 rpm.

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hi, just want to ask. for your settings on the boost timing, boost power, turbo start, turbo ends. thanks.
+Chino “Sideways” Alarcon Hi, i'd love answer, but i dont remember correct values of this setup.. It was just test and i changed it a lot (dint save it).here is another setup, quite similar, just with weaker endpoint:Drive frq. - 26khzNeubrFrq - 10khzBrake Frq - 10khzInitialSp - 0%NeuBrake - 10%Initial br - 6%FullBrake - 100%FWDspeed - 100%RevSpeed - 25%COV - 3.4v/cellBsTimming - 15degBstStRP - 12000BstEndRp - 20000TrbTim - 5degRevLim - 28000
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