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Club car ds rpm limiter Videos

Mitsubishi Lancer hitting rev limiter Car Show Skopje

The video is taken at Skopje Car Show organized by Auto Club ASUC.

Rev Limiter Compilation - September 2015

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Yeah!! Finally!!!! Another great vid :D
+Leandro Rst :)

Quick rev limiter compilation from Renault Club Bulgaria

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you have my car in there buddy :3
aha yup he sure does :3

Ferrari 488 GTB rev limiter

Here is a video showing the rev limiter on the 488. It s broken into 3 segments. 1: WOT w manual shifting. 3-4, 4-5, 5-6 and 6-7 all hit the rev limiter at 7450-7500 ...

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I think this can be concluded that when the shifting can be predicted(like in auto mode) the transmission can be better protected, so it shifts at 7800rpm. How ever ,when shifts manually, computer cannot predict the time you shift, so it might cause damage if the transmitting respond to paddles immediately at 7800rpm, So it is designed to limit the rpm to a lower value of 7500rpm to prevent the damage. BTW, Ferrari does not produce gear box. And Getrag DCT might not survive from 750nm of torque, that's also the reason why the max torque only shows at 7th gear and the reason of why laferrari accelerates slower in real life than the figures indicates. Also, there are a lot of reports of 458's DCT lose gears in China, like losing 1st, 3rd, 5th and 7th gears(there are many owners complain about this issue), which shows that this DCT is not that reliable for such a fast shifting in 458s(which is another potential reason of 488's disconnected shifting). I don't know if this happen in Europe and america. :) these are just my estimations. I don't own a Ferrari, but i do read a lot of ferrari news and reports :D (Sorry for my poor grammar)
This is really stupid, redline starts at 8k rpm, but the limiter is set at 7500. And it's like this on every 488 GTB video, so I assume, it was made like this deliberately.
you can make launch start on Ferrari 488 gtb. before i saw another launch 488 but they were slow
Whats the point in having a 10,000rpm rev counter then if it wont even rev to 8000rpm? No point
0-200 in 8.1 seconds!!!!!! IMPRESIONANTE!!
Could it be the spark plugs?

S14 SR20DET Buddy Club Spec II Rev Limiter

Stock engine, stock boost, Tial Q BOV, Circuit Sports down pipe, APEXi Dual Funnel Power Intake Kit.

Sanwa Vortex D Rev Limiter

Trying out my new "rev limiter" function on my Sanwa Vortex D esc. This is using a Sanwa SSL receiver and Exzes Z tranmitter. So can adjust the esc settings ...

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will it work with futaba 4px do you know? thanks
thats mean as dave :-)

Yfz 450 rev limiter

My buddies yfz 450.

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cant wait till you blow it up
that's good
+Phil Burns true. But he's the guy that would tear sh*t up and have the money to replace it in days. I'm the complete opposite.
yeah they can still blow up after a rebuild
lol It wasn't me and he already rebuilt it. it's now a 476cc

Nissan Drifter Hits Rev Limiter

Watch as this bad-ass turbo charged Nissan drifts around Orlando at the Hot Import Nights 2013 show. The driver pushes the car to its limits and maxes out the ...

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that's chelsea denofa's girlfriend i'm pretty sure.
+Brian oh it is

RB26 Rev Limiter / SR20 Drift Train / El Haouli

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0:44 shakes it off like a boss
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