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Johnson lexus run Videos

Nathan Johnson racing - 2015 POC Cup Race #12 - Auto Club Speedway 9/12/15

Nathan Johnson racing - 2015 POC Cup Race #12 - Auto Club Speedway 9/12/15. Qualified P1 of 10 in GT4, finished P1. Had more HP and higher weight than ...

NASA 2015 Kansas Speedway Race Edit Feat. Steve Johnson #41

Steve Johnson #41 PTE Mazda Miata.

Run The Jewels on Ferguson: 'Riots work' - BBC News

A year after the death of Mike Brown, 2014's most critically acclaimed rap group Run the Jewels took over the BBC to examine if the Ferguson riots made any ...

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Massive respect to the BBC for giving RTJ a platform
+Skier 1228 you know what.. I cant disagree really.. But I will state I had hoped for more. That being said... I just finished painting a 400 hp transam and I think it needs to do some burn offs before going home with my friend.. 
+fuqu Hate is as human as breathing, and what point in human history? We're still just apes with delusions of grandeur mate, finding different scapegoats for our impossible to eliminate fears. 
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+fuqu How, by dropping some truth from their perspective on the world? We live in a time when people actually listen to their voices, and that's a miracle. Ten years ago people would have denied what they have to say, but they can't deny it anymore. Because it's out there in the open
+Will Soer Lmao.. this has got to be a joke.. There was a platform and it was wasted on rtj... these two took all those months of other peoples time and just wasted the hell out of it.
These fools don't know jack shit about what they're talking about. Bunch of BS.
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How to run your boat on Muffs. Glastron Cold Start

This is an instructional video on how you should start your boat on land. https://zlumi.com/de/reviews/2366-mhlbachstberl/

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I am learning about caring for a stern drive boat this video will help me learn the tricks of caring for a stern drive engines I knew that I will learn a lot on how to care for the stern drives I knew this will help me in the next few years time and it will be good if anyone could help me learn the basics of stern drive care and things related to them I knew how to care for the stern drives myself do you think that I can do it with a disability that's having someone help me run the stern drive motors and give me advice on how to do it safely I am a rookie in the stern drive boats and I knew this will be a new thing to do this will happen in a few years time and I need some advice on how to do the maint on the sterndrives and point me in the right path in regards to the sterndrives care and maintenance and what to watch out for when buying a used stern drive boat im from Australia im new to the sterndrives my 1st stern drive boat will be a bayliner with the Mercruiser stern drive that's the plan for the future
madd props for a sharp old school boat! rather have something like this that was structurally sound than a brand new one! Mine is a clone of this one and it to is basically flawless! same color scheme and everything!! sweet ride.. I do notice though that mine compaired to others is alot flatter (lower or less of a "deep v") but mine to Pops right outta the water! last year my buddy was running his 19' searay next to me and was just him and his girlfriend in it! He passed me and even though i had me + 4 or 5 others with me i still managed to catch and pass his ass very veeerry easily! needless to say he was pissed! haha suck it... right!? lol Mine will do ABOUT 53 mph if the lake is fairly still!! Love the older glitter paint scheme!~! thats old school cool!! beautiful boat you have too!!
This is a good video, thanks for sharing. I'm a long time boater but bought my first inboard outboard last year. Getting it ready for the season and started it for the first time on muffs when I realized I had never seen an in/outboard run on muffs and wasn't sure if mine was functioning properly. ie water pump discharging correctly. After seeing your video I know mine is operating fine. Thanks again.
Thnx for the video. i got the same 454 7.4l as your other boat in your other videos on my first boat i just purchased (2755 bayliner) Im learning a lot by looking at your videos. Anything i should be cautious on these motor? thnx for everything so far im.a huge fan
Thanks for the info, i think it is common for people to be in my situation. I bought my first boat used and got almost no useful information on how to operate and care for it. This video helped alot thanks for taking the time to make it!
Nice video. How would I cold start an OB I just bought a Sea Ray bow rider 180 1989 and It takes me like 30-40 min to start it after its been sitting for a week. I am not familiar with how to use the choke either. Thanks!
I've been watching your rebuild and I have to say...Well done!fantastic work,do it right if your going to do it at all,great advice on the pre engine checks,it's not done enough.Bravo!
Thanks a lot for this video. Just Bought today a 2007 monterey 214 fs with 5.0 Mpi alpha one set up. I will be doing some tune ups thus your videos will come handy.
Should i buy a boat based on the motor running off of the muffs or is there something to be gained by taking it on the water? Can you put it in gear while on muffs?
@renkenboats Sounds like you might have a cracked manifold or cracked block. Check all the hoses first and then really check out where the water is coming from.
It is like revving your engine in your car in neutral. The key thing is to make sure your drive is down, or you will screw up your u-joints.
hi i have a 1988 renken boat usit for 2 years now but now i conect tha muffs and water leaks in the belgium , can u help any susgestions
I thought I read somewhere that it's suggested not to run the motor past idle on muffs. I don't really know if it hurts anything.
Here is a tip use the circle earmuffs they stick on REALY good and create suction trust me I learned the hard way
In the two years I've owned my boat I never new to lower my trim. I hope it's not to late. Thanks for the video.
It just keeps the bellows from developing a memory. You should be replacing the bellows every few years anyway.
Thanks for the video!!! I definitely wouldn't have lowered my outboard, you just saved me some U-Joints!!!
Sounds like the fuel is draining out of the carbs. I would start with a rebuild kit.
The 454 is a beast. Mine does not burn a drop of oil, and I love it.
If it is an outboard, it is different. This is an inboard/outboard.
Thanks brother. Great video. Really appreciate it!
What year/model Glastron is this? Looks badass?
@sechadyl Why would I need to worry about that?
I know how you feel. I am glad i could help.
thanks for this. I'm gonna go try it!

SR20DET S13 Dyno #2

SR20DET 240sx at lincoln tech fathers day carshow 2015 this is a dynocon dyno racing built k20 k24 b series k iamtaiboogie streetracing races racing drag ...

Faithwerkz Mk4 jetta vr6 first start up

first start up after doing a bunch of maintenance , chains , guides , t-stat , crack pipe , rear main seal racing built k20 k24 b series k iamtaiboogie streetracing ...

BWM 550i pull at H2Oi 2014

bmw 550i with m5 bumpers pulling off at h2oi 2014 racing built k20 k24 b series k iamtaiboogie streetracing races racing drag racing dragrace dragracing street ...

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i kno i was in a rush when i uploaded the video so i put M5 ill change the tittle in a week or 2
Not an M5, that's a 550i. 
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