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Car audio giants shipping Videos

Thai girls dancing on car

Amazing people - play with snake Nick kunatip lionel messi tattoo neymar jr tattoo ▻ Facebook: //facebook.com/freekickerz ▻ Instagram: ...

RMS Berengaria Leaving Dry Dock at Southampton

Unusual sound pictures Elevated shot of scenes on bridge. Shots of the ship in dry dock. Scene on bridge. You can license this story through AP Archive: ...

Walkman Returns | Tech Talk Today 112

We round up day 1 of the CES 2015 stuff that has a shot of actually shipping! Sony's new Walkman will blow you away, Dish wants cord cutters to Sling it, HP ...

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I heard about Dish's new streaming service. There's a problem here though. They're making the same mistake again with channel add-on plans. Don't they know how to do business? If you want people to buy your product, don't make it more expensive than it has to. For instance. I would love to use their service and only subscribe the cartoon channel package for the kids. But the kid channels are part of an extra $5 addon. 5 bucks is not a lot, but on top of a bunch of channels that I do not need... See. Here's the thing. If you're able to stream channels, chances are, you're more likely to just pay for netflix and use hulu and crackle if needed. These cable bundles are not gonna work online.
I have the hp stream 11, which is the laptop version of that mini-pc, and it boots linux from USB just fine. It does require a recent kernel and a from sources wireless driver to be net worthy. I look at it as the equivalent of 6 raspberry pi's computationally, and the price point fits that POV. Otherwise all the same specs as my 2007 desktop, minus the heat and noise. I was looking at a NUC, but at that price point, might as well get a laptop and not have to pay more for a display, hdmi cable, keyboard, mouse, and on and on.
That player is one of the best in the world. If you care about quality, YOu'll struggle to beat it. Thats from an audiophile DJ who's owned all sorts of Hi def audiop equipment from Shure SE535's, UE Triple Fi 10's and MANY more and the source/DAC is so important. Sony have knocked it out the park with this. It's fucking AWESOME!
NUC sucks dick and ties you into intel BS. I've gone as far as GIVE AWAY my i7 2700K and swapped all out for AMD. Neverr look back. The stupid sockets with pins on the MoBo is the most retarded thing ever. Worse than the card slot pentium 2! And thats saying something!
Damn that stream mini-pc is ugly! Id rather buy a nuc unless i was going to mount it on the back of a screen.
Japan & Sony is so #OutOfTheLoop #SonyZX2 #Facepalm
Sony can suck my shiny metal c*ck.

Super Fat Tire Bike - 2016 Giant Momentum iRideRocker - BikemanforU

Giant's super fat tire iRideRocker cruiser bike from the new Momententum series won't break the bank. Watch Bike Shop LIVE on YouTube. The unscripted ...

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Ugh, so tired of seeing everything being named i-something.
+Zeroplanetz i-knowright
how many gears?an would it b good in the snow?!
Judging by the mega-range freewheel, my guess is a 1x7.

Arnold Fish The Battle for the Crown

100 copies pop psychedelic French delight (shipping from approx.16 March) ...

Focalprice Review: Cassette Shaped Car MP3 Player with Earphone $2.89

Product link: //is.gd/naJE33.
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