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Car shipping st louis Videos

St. Louis Enterprise Center - South County Gradution of Vega Transport May 4, 2010.mp4

St. Louis County Economic Council President & CEO Denny Coleman and St. Louis County Executive Charlie A. Dooley congratulate Irfan and Nick Sinanovic, ...

Transporting the Datsun 240Z to St. Louis


MBTA Trolley: Double PCC Cars at Capen Street Station

Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) Red Line's Mattapan Line | Ashmont to/from Mattapan, MA [Notes] -Shown here is an Eastbound and ...

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Notice the two little white antenna on the roof. That is for the Collision Avoidance System installed in these PCC cars, It is a sophisticated tracking and speed control system being tested here and may find its way onto the Green Line.
First time I see a tram with a trolley pole. Here in the Netherlands trams have a pantograph. Nice video.
You bet ;)! Just like SEPTAss PCC IIs on the 15.
Awesome! Is this a revenue service train?

IRT Nostalgia: RFW & Interior View of the TOMC 42nd St (S)huttle

MTA NYC Subway Special! (IRT 42nd Street Shuttle Line) Shown here is a Railfan Window and Interior view of the NYCTA Vintage Trains of Many Colors. https://zlumi.com/de/reviews/2366-mhlbachstberl/

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Thank you for catching this video. I remember these cars when they were in use, especially the Worlds Fair Colored car, my girlfriend at the time, and I with a few friends from work rode this train to the fair, the evening of the fair was a beach party on the Rockaway Beach, beyond the Coast Guard Station, across from the then US Naval Air Station, Floyd Bennett Field. Not knowing your age, I'm 65, and I remember the conductor going between the two cars, and standing on some foot pedals to run>
Only problem with the TOMC was on Saturday they briefly had to take it out if service due to a stuck door on R15 6239, but otherwise everything went without a hitch!
While re-watching this again. I am thinking about all the memories of when I was riding in these cars when they were still considered new and not vintage.
> controls for opening and closing the doors, always thought that was so dangerous, glad to see when they went to the in cab controls idea.
I was on the trip (around 11 AM) when it had to been taken out of service. It was back within an hour.
+The [Transport Net] are they running on the shuttle this month for the grand central thing?
lol, i see myself right at the beginning. the guy in the white to the bottom right filming :0
Yep aware of that!

SIRTOA Train: St. George & Tottenville Bound Train at Nassau RR [R44 (MUE-2)]

Staten Island Rapid Transit Operating Authority [Main Line] Express via Local | Saint George Ferry to/from Tottenville, Staten Island [Notes] -Shown here is a ...

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I spent half my life at the Atlantic and Tottenville Stations before I moved away. When I was a kid (& teen) I made it a point to get on & off at every station from T'ville to St. George. I loved the trains. I loved them more back in the 70s before they brought these new ones on the tracks. The old ones had seats that flipped frontwards and backwards so you could face either way; they were made out of wicker backing. Sweet.
Got really friendly with the "conductors" = they let us hop between the cars: fun - seemed almost dangerous when you're like 14 LOL. Even got to sit up front with the "engineer" a few times. They were some good old days.
I've been there only once to get on the ferry, even I was surprised the station was small
That station needs to be torn down along with Atlantic. Shame the mta left it to rot.
In 2015 I Hope To See New Video Of Arthur Kill Station 
I Heard The Arthur Kill Station Will Be Open In 2015
nice catch.

IRT Nostalgia: Train Of Many Colors (7) Train at 69th St (Qns)

MTA NY City Subway [IRT Flushing - Roosevelt Ave Line] Here we have is the IRT Train of Many Colors (SMEEs) set, with Redbirds (Standard and other colors) ...

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why wasn't it on the express track?
+The [Transport Net] - Official
Work on M track at 52nd/Roosevelt.

IRT Nostalgia: Train of Many Colors on the 42nd St (S) at Grand Central

MTA NYC Subway Special! (IRT 42nd Street Shuttle Line) Shown here is the NYCTA Vintage Trains of Many Colors. This Subway Train set made an ...

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Google up NYC Transit Museum. Open the website, and click Calendar or something in the left of the page.There are a few payable events coming up. However, this doesn't include certain event special, thats not payable, like this. You will need to check the mta.info page for any update.
Wait a minute. I'm the kid in the front at the beginning of this video. I think I recorded you in my video. WTF man, I didn't know that was you.
is there a website on where they keep all these updates and stuff about these subway specials?
That was a walk down memory lane, Thank you!
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