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Car shipping sxm Videos

St Maarten Miami Cruise Shipping, Conference & Trade promotion video 2012

St Maarten Miami Cruise Shipping, Conference & Trade promotion video 2012.

Florida Air Transport DC-4 takeoff @ SXM Feb11

Florida Air Transport DC-4 takeoff @ SXM Feb11.

Saint Martin / St Maarten - SXM Overview

St Maarten / Sint Maarten / Saint Martin - Antilles - Caribbean sea - Test Sony HDR AS15 Places: Maho bay, Mullet bay, Grand Case, Marigot, Anse Marcel, Pinel ...

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Personnally I had local friends to drive us any time but to answer your question, I strongly sugjest you rent a car. The island has one main road. It will give you freedom of movement. Otherwise there are little buses. These buses are convenient once in a while but not for all trip. To enjoy your holidays, prefer the car rental!
I unfortunately had to remove the music due to copyrights... I have just managed to put one song at the beginning but I don't know how to add some more after the first one...
Hi Phil, I got a question : Do we need to have a car or rent to visit St Martin or there's a public transport? Thankx in advance
Thank you man. This is just a holiday video without any pretention.
appreciated work you done here just so u know!

St Maarten Crazy Takeoff Landing Maho Beach 2015 HD

Aeroporto Internazionale Principessa Giuliana Princess Juliana International Airport Princess Juliana Int'l Airport Holding Company N.V Crazy dangerous airport ...

Sky Express Jetstream 41 - Landings & Takeoffs @ Skiathos, the Second St Maarten Plane Spotting

Two of the three Jetstream 41s of Sky Express airlines of Crete at our beloved Skiathos: a cool sight! The sound coming from these two turboprops is astonishing ...

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That prop sound ! Great vid !
check this video out :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lHJxqE0bSfk
Hey TheGreatFlyer, which camera do you recommend to enjoy the plane spotting? I can see that your camera has a great resolution, i just want to know some options of good cameras!!! I feel that plane spotting is a great way to enjoy the beautiful world of aviation, the airlines, the airports... Greetings from Colombia, nice video, as always!!!
what do you have in mind ? anything ?

Condor A320 Evening Landing & NIGHT JETBLAST! Skiathos, the Second St Maarten Plane Spotting

Something we don't get to see often: jetblast at night! Still, the same cloud of dust gets picked up by two jet engines running on full throttle, literally blowing plane ...

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Wow! Great video. This is really a unique place to do plane spotting. Thanks for sharing.
Awesome with night jetblast! And the Lovely airline Condor with the Beautiful A320!
Great video! That Airbus turning with the light nearly gone, looks marvellous!!!
Condor does a new seasonal from DUS to JSI 25th may 2015. its a monday service. 
Amazing video ! Simply incredible footage ! :D
Awesome. This place is a heaven...:)
Very nice
Nice jetblast

Cruise Ship Horn Wakes up Late passengers!

Shot in July 2009, aboard the Cruise Ship Thomson Destiny. Whilst leaving Toulon, France. Some passengers were still not yet onboard and so the captain let ...

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Actually. You are quite right. it is the captain's word to what happens. Actually, I got to go onto the bridge of the carnival freedom. I was so close to blowing that horn. Actualy, the reason was because of the facts that I am blind and hearing impaired. In this situation where I can't even see everything that is around me, I got to touch all the things that only surten people get to touch. Thanks to the derector of the ship, Jen for conferming me that I can do this. Also special thanks to the navigation crew for leting me in. I really appreciate it! 
Wow I guess it's a small world isn't it. I'm trying my best to save my money to go back on the Carnival freedom
+Jacob Way-White Another Jacob. Ive run into two Jacobs in the last two videos, anyway. That's pretty damn cool to be honest. I've learned something new today, thank you.
Why don't you check out my channel. although you're right. Not very many blind people go on YouTube. But I know A few. In fact there are quite a lot of them actually. Everything on my channel is what a blind person can do. I know, it's very interesting what the blind person can do. They can do almost anything. Sure. I know what you're thinking. How do you know what you're aiming the camera app. That I can see. But I was taught how to hold the camera on my trusty iPhone. Sometimes I have a little help from my friends. But other than that I can do it all myself. Pretty amazing. A?
+Jacob Way-White if you are blind why are you using youtube. 
Basically I just use dictate. I'm not deaf here exclamation I'm just hearing impaired. actually that horn you blew there is one of the most common ones found on the smaller crew ships. It's also by the way the Columbus blue jackets goal horn
How are you table to type this though? 

Flight Simulator X - Ep12 - Approach into St Martin

We fly the visual approaching Princess Juliana International Airport (SXM) in our CRJ. Can we actually make a good landing for a change? Buy FSX on Amazon: ...

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It's not nearly as interesting as the earlier versions of Flight Simulator. You used to be able to turn the reliability of your aircraft way down and just let random bits fail. Now, to get a failure you have to setup a scenario. Otherwise the UI for failure modes means you will know exactly what will fail. Kind of silly really.
actually you are landing in St. Martin or Sint Maarten not St. Martìn... Dutch part of this lovely island. Which actually is the majority of this island I think. If you want to land on the French Side pick Grand C(h)ase with a prop plane.
In this game do you get predicaments such as engine failure?
Nice landing! They have a 747 taking off on mine.
dont explain ur jokes we got it the first time
That is silly! Thanks for the reply.
you are not alowed to say first!!!:D
Who says you aren't allowed? -.-
grangde case no h
St. Maartin
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