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Toyota 86 crickets Videos

Toyota helps cricket legends Vaughan and McGrath #settlethescore

One of the great rivalries in international sport has been rekindled on the race track with Toyota giving cricket legends Michael Vaughan and Glenn McGrath the ...

Toyota and England Cricket: Always a Better Way with Jimmy Anderson

At Toyota, we believe that engaging the right minds can produce special results, so we sent England bowling sensation Jimmy Anderson to a school to surprise ...

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I love this and all those children are my friends and I go to school with them 

Toyota GT86 /Scion FRS / Subaru BRZ Backfire Popcorn

Little video of some backfires on a custom OFT tune! Absolutely love it and hope you guys do too ;)

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How do you tune the OFT to backfire? I've been trying to tune my OFT to do this but don't know how. Will cops pull you over for this?
+loveever89 Hey man, i didn't do it myself, i have a friend who used existing tunes (for my setup of the car) and adapted them for our fuel... good sites that might be helpful are the following: //www.ft86club.com/forums/showthread.php?t=71157 and //www.ft86club.com/forums/showthread.php?t=61069 . I must say though, everything you do is you taking a risk since you're playing with the ECU of the car... if you don't know what you're doing i'd recommend you go to a professional and ask them to make you an optimal tune for your setup and a "pops and bangs"-tune :) And will cops pull you over...? Honestly they're not to big flames, not 3 meter flames like supras, skylines and rx7's spit out... but still, i wouldn't deliberately be inducing the car to spit flames when the cops are behind me, that's just asking for trouble lol :p
I like ^^ what is your configuration Exhaust ?
+Kroozin' Joe thank men :)
+Neo Diaaz Thanks man! It's a full catless setup, starting with Tomei UEL header & overpipe, miltek frontpipe & custom skytune catback :)

How would you make cricket better?

Alastair Cook and his team have spoken – now it's your turn! Tell us how you'd make cricket better and Toyota could bring your idea to life…

FRS Crickets

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93 ethanol free gas made my crickets go away instantly. Ethanol is the cause of the noise. I had the fuel pump replaced 3 times because the dealership believed that was the cause. But is something as simple as changing the gas you use. Has to be ethanol free
Let me know if you ever get this fixed. It's annoy as hell.

Scion FR-S RS 1.0 Crickets

204 miles the crickets showed up.

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mine same rs1..I think thats so common engine noise in subaru and wrx too I even saw here in videos of Porche and other sports car or not.Yeah its better to let the dealer check it but I've seen forum even they change the high pressure fuel pump and the crickets sound came back after few months. Some owners say after 2 yrs they still have it and just need to live with it.Others have lessen it after putting drop in filter or new intake but I won't advice that not to void your warranty unless you'l install TRD parts only.I still mention that on my first visit after 7K maintenance.About TSB -toyota honor only with VIN # production before aug 2012 but not the later model as they say they already fix and yet we still heard those lovely crickets :D
Them Yuzu yellow crickets....... :D


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