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Oakland public schools dogwood Videos

Dogood Elementary School Attendance Video (Attendance Video.)

Harlem shake by harper cheerleaders

CNY Parade-CCS Rams Mens Drill, Young Swallows

K9 Iback Bite Work

Creepiest Place in Maryland: Haunted-Suicide Barn at 118 Big Elk Creek Chapel Road, Elkton MD

Marked NO TRESSPASSING, this site is a former rental-house owned by the State of Maryland Natural Resources Department. A park employee told me that a ...

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rofl....i am in baltimore maryland and if you think that barn is scary or haunted then you are a bit off. my house i live in is over 200 years old and many people from my family have died in this house their are ghost and they are frequent it is creepy when i feel coldness from no where when under hot covers and then something not alive sits on my bed or walks through me...in fact im getting some random cold on me right now peace.
Vultures..... in Maryland?
umm.. no thanks lol
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