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Oakland truck driving schools Videos

Academy of Truck Driving

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Academy of Truck Driving (ATD) on Tuesday February 10th at our East Oakland Neighborhood Career Center. ATD is a local training provider and discussed all the important details of obtaining a Class A and Class B drivers license. #OaklandPIC

School of trucking (510)200-2583

Truck Runs over Cyclist TV News Report

As cycling grows, so do confrontations //www.sfchronicle.com/bayarea/johnson/article/As-cycling-grows-so-do-confrontations-4523792.php For Eli Reyes, ...

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This is ONLY one side of the story.....I pray that justice prevails and THE TRUTH is revealed. It's kinda hard when that is dependent upon public defender assistance only. It looks like a couple of opportunists trying to make themselves look innocent when but THE TRUTH WILL BE REVEALED and God will make this crooked place straight.
I wasn't there so it would be kinda hard to tell the other side of the story right??? U asking that question kinda makes me wonder if you were there. I simply made a statement and stand by what I said.... there are 2 sides to every story I pray that justic will prevail and THE TRUTH is revealed.
Assault with a deadly weapon. And in the UK its a slap on the back of the wrist if the local constabulary can be bothered. Hope he gets a sentence. Stay safe, and hope it doesnt put her off cycling
Truly awful. Hope shes riding again soon.

CR England - KSL Truck Driver Study

Sal's Towing | Oakland Park, FL | Heavy Duty Flatbed Tows

From heavy duty equipment to Harleys, Sal's Towing in Oakland Park, Florida, has been helping drivers stuck on the side of the road get back on the road for ...

Luis Angry Lyft Driver In Oakland Part 1

Luis Angry Lyft Driver In Oakland Part 1 So I use Lyft and this guy named Luis drives up but he is a full two houses away from where I am. I flag him to come to ...

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wowwwww...so funny!

Academy of Truck Driving-Brenda Hoag Testimony

Prayer Breakfast for Port of Seattle Truck Drivers

On June 9, 2010 The Church Council of Greater Seattle brought together faith leaders, elected officials, and community members to pray for drivers who work at ...

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I've been haulin cans in Seattle since November 1997. I've witnessed "The African Invasion" as I call it. This really ramped up in about 2002. Somali's,Eritreans and Ethiopians. They all get the gravy runs,but at a severely CUT rate. Pacer cartage,Edgmon & sons,Seattle frieght and Western Ports lease them on to haul whats called dock to rail. The ship to the rail yard. As an owner operator,the standard pay is 80% of the rate. They need to stop taking that work and hold out for the real rate.
I was a driver in Wyoming. It wasn't glamorous. They ran us into the ground. A 10 hour shift would have been great. We were expected to drive around the clock & if we refused a run because we were too exhausted, the dispatcher would starve us on future runs. We had to maintain 2 log books, 1 showing our actual hours for the company & 1 for the DOT, manipulated to appear legal. There was no insurance or benefits of any kind. That was 27 years ago & it appears that nothing has improved...
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