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Oakland schools special education forms Videos

Black Power Movement | 1967–1968 (America's Civil Rights Movement) | 9 of 14

Power! (1966-68) The call for Black Power takes various forms across communities in black America. In Cleveland, Carl Stokes wins election as the first black ...

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About the 44 minute mark in the confrontation over the school teacher transfers I remarked to myself how times have changed. Today someone would have been cuffed, pepper sprayed, arrested , shot or all of the above for engaging in civil protest like in this segment. Times have really changed in the way the administration of power operates. Today its a shoot first ask questions later approach.

REACHing Hope

In the outskirts of Deep East Oakland, nestled between the Oakland hills and the rest of the world sits a very forgotten school, yet filled with hope. Hope that ...

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ms semana is me jennifer

"Home is Not A Place"

Eight local immigrants from a cross-section of homelands have written letters that are the basis for composer Darren Johnston's musical composition. Rooftop's ...

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San Francisco : Our City Oakland - Educational Film - S88TV1

The Oakland Junior Chamber of Commerce take us on a tour of this American city, explaining Urban Renewal programs planned for the area during the 1950s, ...

School bus fails to show

week of class, that's typically the case. but for at least one special needs a-p-s student, their parent claims this week has been anything but routine. a viewer ...

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This isn't news.

Multi Skills Games

Mowlem & St Elizabeth's Primary schools participated in a Multi Skills Games event hosted by Sports Leaders from Raine's Foundation & Oakland's Schools on ...

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Native Sun featuring Captaincy (Professor A.L.I.)

Native Sun is a song off of Professor A.L.I.'s latest full length LP, Emerald Manifesto it also features up and coming artist Captaincy. The song is an exploration of ...

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consider this a response video to all those who think hip-hop is all about misogyny, drugs, alcohol and bling... this is in the tradition of the griot, listen to the lyrics and share... PEACE
MashAllah achi i admire your love for the Ahlul bayt inshAllah i get to that level
It appears that that video editing class went well. Solid, for the most part.
the first time ive seen him even touch that sword is in this video
Shukran akhi, I'm struggling like everyone else...
appreciate the love, please share this video...
teach, professor!
This is nice

The Prairie School : Founder's Day 2014

//www.PrairieSchool.com The Prairie School, an independent day school serving children and young adults across southeastern Wisconsin, kicked off a ...

Vittra Telefonplan

Vittra Telefonplan PROJECT DESCRIPTION Instead of a classic classroom setup with desks and chairs, a giant iceberg with a cinema, a platform and room for ...
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