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Aruba hotels that sleep 5 Videos

Nos Aruba cap 1 part 5

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hopi bon hasi juffi , mi tambe ta di savaneta , great pa mira e naturalesa di aruba, solamente un tips mi tin pa bo, pone musica rubiano, caha di orgel, musica di antajo, pa asina bo completa e ambiente rubiano, saludos Djo

STORYTIME | Demon In My Bed And Sleep Paralysis???

Has this ever happened to you guys?? Thanks for watching this Storytime video! If you liked it, i will do some more like the old days! (Tima Talks) Hair Extensions ...

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Wow I get so scared and obsessed hearing theses kinda of things. and i'm about to go to sleep soon. It's 10:46 pm:( but thanks:)
Awww it's fine:) Don't worry and thanks for Commenting me back. Night:D 
lol I'm so sorry! I hope you still have a good sleep <3
Always liked your talks!! Would love to see more :) I sleep with my head under the covers too!!
+Joe & Sonya VLOGS girl thats the only way to be safe!!lol and thank you! i am planning on filming another one on friday after i upload the extensions review :D
For me, it is countless times and whatever it is sits on me or tries to have sex with me! It is horrible!!
+The Lovely Ify ♥ I will try to watch it...
+The Lovely Ify ♥ bro I saw that episode!!
+fit-ufo Have you seen celebrity ghost stories? There was an episode of a celebrity who said she was raped by a demon. I can't remember the name or season of that particular episode but he has a name and history of other victims describing their experience and it matched with the others who dealt with it too. That's awful though...
Are you a Christian If so pray over yourself before you go to sleep read the 91st Psalm ❤ I have had them happen to me over 20 times but it stopped when I began to pray over myself ! I know that it's a HORRIBLE and scary experience I hope that it never happens to you again.
+BecomingTia I won't let it back into my life! I've been positive and strong and that's keeping it away!
+Praise Bunny Agreed. When I was a child I used to be attacked all the time. This is 100% real. Be careful Tima because demons can actually take advantage of you.
I had a sleep paralysis experience once and I'm so glad it's never happened again. In my case, I woke up and my room was almost completely pitch black and I couldn't move at all, but I could look around. I had fallen asleep flat on my back, which I never do, so it was really scary to be laying in that position and unable to move. It reminded me of the show Dexter and how he straps his victims down in that position before he kills them, so obviously I was freaked out lmao. I was probably just hallucinating because of the darkness or something (I dunno, it's the only explanation I have lol), but I could see a really dark figure leaning over me. and just staring at me. At that point I just closed my eyes, and eventually I fell asleep again. When I woke back up, it was still nighttime and pitch black, but I could move. So I turned on some cartoons to keep the evil spirits away, lol.
If you guys have had sleep paralysis before, what was your experience, or if you haven't, what do you think about it??
+Timaloveslemons hi , I 'm 16 I live in France I already had much experience like yours : / it's really scary x )For me it's often when I am trying to sleep and sometimes when I sleep deeply it is a huge weight which relies on me and prevents me from moving to scream and breathehere is this is all my experience was , and I love your youtube channel continue bye kisses ! ^.^

Aruba Holiday Inn Nov 2009 #6

Fellow Live Act ARUBA [iPhone vid]

Kizoa Video Maker: Lotilala boys in Aruba

Best friends from Suriname came to party in Aruba. Kizoa Video Maker - //www.kizoa.com.

Savannah Hotel & Casino, Paramaribo, Suriname

Savannah Hotel & Casino, Paramaribo, Suriname.

Aurora | 2012 Sleep Event Teaser

Luxury Hospitality Professionals, are you ready for 'SLEEP Event 2012' in London from 21-22 November 2012? Aurora is proudly featuring over 275 ...

Peter R de Vries on Natalee case/Patrick van der Eem arrested on Aruba(with translation)

Aug. 25 2009 - Knevel&vdBrink - Host Andries Knevel: Patrick van der Eem has been arrested in Aruba. He was in posession of coke, he threathened people ...

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