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Aruba hotel somalia Videos

World Taekwondo Championships 2014 (Somali and German)

Production: Fabio Caiazzo Filming and Post-production: Marco Leone.

Clay 2 Nine-Humpty Dumpty (Total Involvement )

Reggae artist Clay 2 Nine (clay two nine) sings about unity and cooperation in a wholesome functioning society. Download the song here ...

Drunk Girls Fails Compilation 2015.

Drunk Girls Fails Compilation 2015. Frunk Dails || Ultimate Drunk Fails Compilation Afghanistan Albania Algeria Andorra Angola Antigua and Barbuda Argentina ...

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faces of death?

Maamulada Degmooyinka Shibis iyo C casiis oo deeg Raashiin ah u qeybiyay Qoysas Danyar ah

Sntvnews# Muqdisho - Somalia reported By C/Risaaq Faarax Shiine.

MaNishtana: Jewloween

It's that time again! Special Thanks to Mike Pelletier and Brian Taylor. And here's the song lyrics for anyone who cares: United States, Canada, Mexico, Panama, ...

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"...and Haman sought to destroy all the Jews who were throughout Ahasuerus's entire kingdom...and it was written to the governors who were over every province...to the princes of every people,each province according to its script and each people according to its tongue...to destroy, kill, and cause to perish all the Jews, both young and old, little children and women, on one day...The copy of the writ was for an edict to be given in every province..." chap 3:6-14. what megilla are YOU reading?
@Jewcepticon This is true enough, but the rest of the song is great. Also, before Saudi Arabia was Saudi Arabia (i.e. before Islam/during Muhammad's lifetime) there were SIZEABLE Jewish communities there. We truly are international, and I'm living proof. I live in Scotland, was born in Israel. My dad is Israeli, but with half Irish half native (Israeli) and Spanish, my mum is an American immigrant, but is of Eastern European (though were unsure where) heritage as well as Greek and Turkish.
the purim story is oft-ignored concrete proof that there were jewish communties spread from ehtiopia all through india, ie, all over the world. this is just a lil reminder that we've moved and have a history of migration
Pooreem, not PURE-eem you silly goose. Actually in the average American parlance the second one you said is quite common. Most people I know say it that way. JEWLOWEEN? Shais, you're crazy!
How could you leave up that ignorant comment from thealhakika last year? Why let him spread his filth? BTW, video is awesome, and your point is well made!!!
hahah very nice shais, cool i get to be educated about things i should know in a fun and entertaining way! i can act like i'm a well informed good jew :)
As always, a very well-done and funny vid. One question: How do you connect the story of Purim to world Jewry? I dont see the connection.
I like the coupon joke. I think Islam prohibits alcohol. But in Judaism, we drink and feast at all of our holidays, except when we fast.
Very witty video. Um, one thing: there is no longer a Czechoslovakia. There's the Czeck Republic and Slovakia. Sorry to nitpick.
Love that name - MaNishtana. Shouldn't it be "MaNishtana?" with the question mark since the name is a question?
Nishtana, keep on informing them out there because our Rabbis are apparently too busy to do the necessary.
watched this 3 times and me and my little girls are clapping to the song. They love it! Great job.
Converts are awesome!!! Also, very well put together movie proD
so apparently we have a lot of trouble to cause, don't we? lol
There are, I`m sure. Just like the Jewish communities in Iran
Copious amounts of alcohol, so march forth into the fifth.
atushbeef - thanks for completely missing the point
and you know that ANY of them converted because...?

Roger Ebert 1942-2013

A Memorial Tribute To A Legend find out more @prophetoflife.com The videos on this channel have been viewed by people in 192 nations including: US, ...
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