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Smart plan august 2013 Videos

Behind the Scenes with Denise Laurel and Alejandro for SP August 2013

Denise dishes out tips on planning a kiddie party and what she loves most about being a young mom. See photos from the shoot here: ...

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Denise Laurel, you're sooo beautiful and your little boy is sooooo handsome! Hope we'll see you soon in another teleserye at TFC (The Filipino Channel) after the dramatic "Nasaan Ka Nang Kailangan Kita" which ended today at TFC. You did real well there, Denise!
I actually wished I heard about your tips earlier.. Oh well, I'll hopefully use your tips on my sons next birthday
Oh her little boy is so cute love u denise i kmow you will be a good mother! 
you are one sincere and talented lady 
Cute nilang mag - Ina :)

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Köszi a feltöltést, érdekes volt!:) Kedvet kaptam Dániához

World at 8 Friday 23 August 2013

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Pigeons are vermin that carry more life-threatening diseases than rats. They also cause great nuisance & damage. Their numbers, along with the risks to health, nuisance & damage they cause increases in direct proportion to the number of mindless anti-social idiots who feed them. In my opinion such people should be prosecuted & severely punished.
Lynne Mozar does a very good job in writing and presenting these items. But she should have skipped the 'vaseline' reference at 06:51. Really detracts from the program.
MEP Nick Griffin's excellent commentary on the problems of shale gas fracking, oil industry corruption, Haliburton Corp, and George Sorros.

Visual Estimating Recorded Webinar - August 2013

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