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Dominos winnipeg canada Videos

Winnipeg In Dominoes - Where Are You?

I'm from Winnipeg, Canada, where are you? Like what you see? Subscribe //flippycat.com/subscribe See more at //youtube.com/flippycat Twitter ...

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MK, Buckinghamshire, UK
Europe, Eurasia, Earth, Solar System, Oort cloud, Band 2, Milky Way, Oberval Universe, Absolute Space
Ottawa, Ontario. Canada ftw
i losted 2 birds and 1 rabbit its becuz they pased away my pets did and i still have my cat

The Winnipeg Jets - Domino Logo

Go Jets Go! Like what you see? Subscribe //flippycat.com/subscribe See more at //youtube.com/flippycat Twitter - //twitter.com/flippycat Facebook ...

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Well, actually, from what I understand, the city and region it is in has a long established aerospace industry and community. "Do you know why they are called the Jets?" I just told you. "why would he take a name just becuase he likes it?" Well, it's not like it's unheard of. I mean, the Bruins have black and gold colors because their original owner had department stores around Boston that used the scheme. In all honesty, they were like an advertisement for his store chain in a way.
@graffiti4LIF3 this is no arguing with what you replied, but in my opinion, keeping the jets name is a no-brainer. they havent exxisted for about 15 years and still the winnipeg jets logo i more common around winnipeg than the moose are, and they were the replacement for the jets, but only in the AHL, not NHL. GO JETS!
@sabird1 Actually, the owner of the original Winnipeg Jets from the early 1970's was a good friend of Sonny Werblin, the New York jets owner. The man (Ben Hatskin) was an admirer of the name and asked Sonny if he could use it, and Sonny of course said yes. So just in case no body knew why it was named that.
I have to say five things: 1. Who the Fuck are the winnipeg Jets? 2.There is already a football team from New York Called the Jets. 3. Both teams must suck. 4. Flippy cat is awesome 5. But Canada sucks ( America/Boston is the best. Patriots will beat the New York Jets and the Bruins beat the Cunucks!!!)
@MaverickWhig Do you know why they are called the jets? Is it for the plane? Also why would he take a name just becuase he likes it? Wouldnt he want to to come up with a name that had something to do with his city?
@sabird1(continued) Why did he have black and gold to begin with? Because he liked them. What does it have to do with Boston? Nothing. He owned the team, it was his to name.
@alienroot Im not mad about a hockey team. Ive just never heard of them before. You are obviously mad because you are yelling at me and are swearing at me. You mad bro?
@sabird1 1. Winnipeg Jets is an NHL Hockey Team 2. Who the fuck cares. 3. I dont think so. 4. Agreed 5. We hapled you celebrate the 4th of July so don't give us shit.
I live in the atl :( I want my thrashers! The problem was no one went to the game we loved them. Just didn't have fans come. Rip Atlanta thrashers
the nordiques and jets NEED to come back. only six Canadian teams is atrocious, seeing as how it started out dead even between america and canada
@SniperViper1000 You meant to "say" or "stay"? Also what do you mean "fucked up badly?" I don't really understand what you are trying to say.
I'm glad they got a team and hopefully they will be beaten (not too badly though) by MINNESOTA AND WASHINGTON GO WILD AND CAPITALS
I love this video. It's the Winnipeg Jets, NHL, before they became the Phoenix Coyotes. Thanks +FlippyCat.
I think that hockey player probably hurt his head when he tripped over all those dominoes :' I
0:54 if thats how bad the players will be.. maybe they should've stayed in Atlanta... lol
Unfortunately I could scream with a beg, STUPID HOCKEY PLAYER, GET OUT OF THE WAY!!!
@graffiti4LIF3 NO FUCKING WAY!! dude i hate the thrashers thats fucking perfect
@alienroot Ahhh. I think you're mad. I think the baby wants his bottle!!!!
@millertime2010sabres the city is not so the team, LOL (see my pun?)
"whoops. i forgot to hit record!" is that your worst nightmere? haha
it would ov been better if flippy knocked it over. sadly he died :(

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