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Home sweet birth otis Videos

Carry Me Home Sweet Jesse / Original played and sung Willy.W

This song Is written by Frankie Paradiso https://www.youtube.com/user/TheJester1962 and he ask me to sing it for him. Hope you like it :) CARRY ME HOME ...

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HI Frankie Thank you for this opportunity to let me sing one of your lyrics, and make it my own,. I am really horned that you choose me to sing this for you, And really glad you love it to :) So thank you Frankie Paradiso,
What a song! Very powerful lyrics"Way down my heart is troubled;though I'm reaching out to touch your hand."A big thumbs up to both you and your friend.This is super!✴✴✴✴✴
Yep een heel eigen constructie , muziek helemaal zelf bedacht, en de tekst gekregen Marilyn. In twee dagen =D Hartlijk bedank voor u reactie Een hele fijne dag gewenst
Wow Beautiful rendition Will Excellence performance my friend. Thanks for sharing your amazing talents and voice.. love it :D. have a safe & wonderful day~ttyrs :D
thanks for the interesting news about Elvis . Willy beautiful video and song in your execution is fantastic***** I wish you a beautiful day my friend :) Hania
Thank you David It's not really a cover I did It myself, with the text from Frankie Paradiso ) I'm glad you like it though :) Have a beautiful day
This is one of your best uploads Will, really enjoyed this my friend :) Well done too to the song writer Frankie, all the very best, Del :)
Simply fabulous, dear Willy - I'm really proud of your splendid musical & emotional rendition! Encore... Cheers from Java, Frankie Paradiso
Thank you so much Rachelle It is exuly a original "Willy,W" and lyrics are written by Frankie Paradiso :) Enjoy your new week my friend
Thank you so much Tuks I am very glad Frankie did let me sing these great lyrics :) Have a wonderful day
Wonderful performance Willy for special song by Frankie Paradiso!!!!!!! Wonderful video share!!!!!!!
Great performance Willy. I enjoyed both the cover and the video. You are so enormously talented.
Geweldig zeg Willy... 'zelf gespeeld en ook nog gezongen' ! ***** Fijne avond en liefs, Marilyn
Beautiful tone and nice touching song, you covered it perfectly. Willy you done it great. Max
Thank you so much for the comment and sub, I subbed back :) Enjoy your day
Thank you so much for you kind words Pat Have a wonderful day my friend :)
beautifully sung willy elvis will be proud of you my friend i know i am
Very beautifully done Willy ! Love the song ! Great job my friend . :)
Great song and beautiful singing! I loved it very much. hugs, maria xx
Beautiful Performance Willy And Playing My Friend :)) Patricia...
Cool song Willy... enjoyed it very much! Cheers! ... FrAnK :-)
Well Performed Willy and another great video as well.

FN@F - Freddy's Birthday

It's Freddy's birthday and, just as he expects, Bonnie and Chica forgot... Freddy: Myah Bonnie: Tawny Chica: MaryJane Song used in intro: ...

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wheres bonnies ears??? and foxy??? why
I know right? I. WANT. FOXY!!!!!!!!
Where is foxy
Whare is foxy???
=eeeeeeeeeeeee r eeereeddd
I ship bonnie x freddy on dis...ik they r gurls xD
That's not how u spell girl.... XD
Did you give him an onion because they both make you cry? Freddy and the onion? JK. Good joke though?
That's what I was thinking the onion reminds you of Freddy cause he makes u cry XD

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Brad Rader - Otis Run

Music Video for the song "Otis Run" By Brad Rader. The video was shot in James A. Reed Nature Reserve in the winter of 2012 with two Canon 7d MkIIs. It was ...

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wow i need more!
Im waiting for his next song I really liked this.
Wished you would have included more info about the Artist, or where one could get the music. Please share!
umm I have no idea more about the artist. I wish I did.
Where can I find more of Brad's music?
On an album by us called "2 cule 4 skool" there is a track called "Radder than Brad." See it on my chanel.

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