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Hypnobirthing- Oxytocin

Watch to understand how oxytocin works and what a massive role it will play in your birth.

Oxytocin hormone boosts the 'Oh' factor in female orgasm

Girls, do you ever wonder why even though you are not initially attracted to a guy, you fall madly in love with him after you do the nasty? Well, it might be love at ...

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@leredsock Yes, you are absolutely right, I could have explained it better. This epithet is usually used by a groups of drunk young men in bars, in order to classify women by their looks. A coyote is worse than dog. But instead of saying "If I woke up with that girl over there, I would act like a coyote in a trap", it's easier to say, "look at that 'coyote'". Coyote:- Girl,(or guy, I guess) who provokes coyote-like behaviour if she should fall asleep on your arm. I don't make the rules! ;)
@ScorpiaX It doesn't have to be in the air, they could put it in the drinking water or in various beverages and foods. They will have tons of fun thinking up new ways to make the population compliant while they milk the economy dry and take away our rights as citizens one at a time.
@NintendoDimension That girl is a coyote. When a girl is so ugly that when you wake up next to her, you would rather gnaw your own arm off than have to talk to her, she is called a "coyote". Coyotes and other animals have chewed off their own limbs to escape from traps.
@illustriouschin TEDtalks also demonstrated that oxytocin disappears quickly in the air, and that when its released more commonly by certain people, they tend to be more trusting "ahem", includes money.
I took my problem down to Madame Rue, You know that gypsy with the gold tatoo? She looked at my palm and she made a mighty sigh, She said, "What you need is Love Potion #9!"
As soon as the government figures out how to synthesis mass quantities of oxytocin, get ready to be breathing it in everywhere you go.
Someone likes you if you make them feel good. Common sense and not really news.
I had to do that arm trick twice, now I'm typing with my toes.
... did that man just bite his arm off?!?!?!
Ahahhaa, I get the Man-to-Coyote reference!
He gnawed his arm off. I LOL'd so hard.
That guy has some really sharp teeth!
the big O in sex is Roy Orbison
don't tell the secrets!
LOL @ the ending.

# Labor and Delivery - Hospital Induction - IUGR Baby

Labor and Delivery - Hospital Induction - IUGR Baby oxytocin challenge test, epidural, iugr, induction, labor and delivery, what to expect, symptoms, cloth ...

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The Baby Mega Watts Story, Part 3 & Kick In The Balls

WattsTV Episode 35 June 17, 2015 Book, Birthing from Within: //amzn.to/1SrjsQn Mike Watts shares the information he learned in his birthing class before ...

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Great content today! I never knew some of that in depth stuff! Amazing!
+Its The Garzas - Thank you and pretty pumped for next weeks class. Who knows what we are going to learn.
This was the most, by far, adorable video, Mike. Your love for your family, your love for learning....INFECTIOUS! Joy-filled...Oxytocin-juiced!!! Felt like I was takin a bath in it! And your point at the end...................can't stand it. Also...looking forward to meeting Mega Watts...just showing ya whose in charge...Marie OUT
+Marie Ruzicka - Thank you so much. And we have to change the end point for the future generations. WattsOUT

Oxytocin gives dogs a bonding boost: Experiment 2

Dogs and people gazing into each other's eyes give each other a bond-strengthening rush of oxytocin, researchers report in a new study. In the second of two ...

Laura Shanley Freebirthing Interview

//www.magicalnewbeginnings.com/ //www.unassistedchildbirth.com/ As a mother-to-be you may have found that the prospect of giving birth one filled ...

Hypnobirthing Mistakes???

Hypnobirthing Mistakes??? //www.HypnobirthingRocks.com I guess you're watching this video because you are pregnant and looking into hypnobirthing?
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