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Siem Reap Hotel #4 | Cambodia travel news | Khmer tourism | Khmer Trip 2014

How to Travel for FREE - Digital Nomad Lifestyle

Want to travel for FREE or maybe even GET PAID to travel? Or - start a location independent business to sustain long term travel? This Intl. #1 Bestseller has ...

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I've got one month to get out of my aunt and uncles place. I have no job or money. is it realistic that I may be able to register on a website and get to a house and housesit? or is it a long process? thank you
+Digital Nomad Lifestyle - SassyZenGirl thanks for replying, God bless
+JesseYatesCreates - it only takes a few minutes to sign up, fill out your profile and then submit to house sitting offers. Otherwise, couchsurfing or help exchange sites might help you with the most immediate need. all best!
awesome, job! SassyZenGirl
Thanks - glad it was helpful!
I have to admit, I was sceptical at first - but these strategies are all sound and solid and I will definitely try some of them - can't wait to watch the next video
really helpful, thank you!
you are welcome...;-)
Great, practical info - and no BS - travelling for free is not a myth after all....
Thanks for the feedback!

Travel Blog #101 - Kayaking the Napali Coast with Outfitters Kauai

Definition of Beauty

Hi Youtube! This rant is about the definition of beauty. We encourage campaigns that encourage beauty of all kinds, but we ask women and men not to raise ...

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Rhetorically I'll say that I have noticed that my eyes miss a lot of physical ugly on women that are really good and happy people. As you might predict, I find a lot of ugly on women whom act mean or conceited, or even dumb from narcissism. I'd suggest that altruism is the best make-up a woman can put in her handbag. I have other terms than "beauty" when it comes to men, but the pattern is the same.
What a nice thought:) I agree...:)

The Most Beautiful Islands in the World

Want to know where the most beautiful islands in the world are? Seychelles, that's where! Seriously, the islands that make up Seychelles are the true definition of ...

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One of the best vlogs you guys have done :)
+Nomadic In The Philippines thank you! I spent extra time editing this one which made it a lot more enjoyable.
where is that place??
They're a set of Islands in the Indian Ocean off of East Africa
Just found your channel and I am in SHOCK of the professionalism and quality of the content. You are an amazing videographer! Amazing. Truly.
+bMAXgg Wow thank you so much! Your comment really means a lot to me. I always do my best and want to keep being creative and try new things especially when it comes to editing. I hope you enjoy the many more videos to come :)
Amazing drone shots!
+Viajando Y Aprendiendo Thank you! We have been having a lot of fun with the drone. More drone fun coming your way.
Dude. Guys - SIA AND KRISTEN. This video legit was amazing. I think it's great you guys don't rush your videos to meet the upload deadline. Because the product of it is amazing videos like this! Visually beautiful, and love the mixture of vlogs and drone footage - new style for your channel me thinks? You really captured the beauty of Seychelles - thank you guys for the experience! Looking forward to the next video xx ALSO - the doggggggg!!
+Beery Sharif Thank you so so much for this comment. I've been struggling with trying to get videos out by the deadline I've given myself and told you guys, but it's been tough because I want to put more time into editing them. I'm still working on it and am really going to try and set a date and time and stick to it....in time, in time haha. I can guarantee that you'll get at least one video a week from me and 2-3 blog posts. Also, the dog stole my heart. I couldn't believe he stuck with us the whole day. I wanted to take him home with me.
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