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K-LOVE LATW Pt 20: Scott travels from Ethiopia to Brazil

Follow Scott's trip as he navigates around the world on his next and final stop in Brazil. See pictures, videos and blog posts from his trip at ...

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I'm in brazil right now. In Rio
thats my home town
have anice rest

The Mursi Tribe ( Large Lip Plates ) Omo Valley, Ethiopia Africa

Explore the Mursi Tribe with us.The Mursi live in southwestern Ethiopia and they are known for their large clay lip plates hanging from their mouths. This was just ...

Best Photos near Gonder, Ethiopia - Incl. Fasilides Castle From Goya Hotel., Gelada Baboons

//tripwow.tripadvisor.com/tripwow/ta-00be-08e0-cd9b?ytv5=1 The best pictures of Gonder taken by travel bloggers at TravelPod.com the web's premier ...

"Bishangari" Tarik's photos around Lake Langano, Ethiopia (lake langano ethiopia)

Preview of Tarik's blog at TravelPod. Read the full blog here: //www.travelpod.com/travel-blog-entries/tarik/ethiopia-2005/1111707000/tpod.html This blog ...

KG's Travel Showcase-Ethiopia

Why travel? Well I've got a few reasons why you should! Take a look at a trip I took to Ethiopia and try and pretend like you don't wanna go. LOL!

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I have several places in Africa I want to go,but number 1 is Ethiopia. Awesome video. I'd love information about traveling there, I would like to go there as a graduation present to myself. The churches there are beautiful.
@sophistigress YES! When I was bathing with the women they all thought I was Habesa (Ethiopian). I felt so at home there. Which is why I call Ethiopia my home :)
Wow! beautiful! congrats on the opportunity KG, see these are the things that make you appreciate being alive! Thanks for sharing the 'view' with me!
When I 1st started watching your videos I thought you was of Ethiopian heritage..as you do favour their look.... glad you had a great time!!-Rachy
I'm a travel agent and your excitement in this video is why I do what I do. Keep exploring this beautiful world that God created.
Willow smith better watch out for that lady in the yellow dress.
@cwwwwj247 WOW! Where in Africa? How exciting!
Did anyone say you favored the natives there?
I love Ethiopian food. Would love to visit.
@UKnaturals What a compliment! Thank you! :)
I love the food! Was that injera?
@mickki19 YUP! Looooooove it!
@VickyVue Love this comment!
@tyi3284 Let's go together!
the food is so good.
@phenomenalagent YAY!

HoboTraveler.com Walking Through the Market in Awasa Ethiopia

//www.hobotraveler.com/blogger.html - Andy of HoboTraveler.com daily travel diary walking through the large market in Awasa, Ethiopia. Pay attention to the ...

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Beautiful video capturing it all :) enjoying these!
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