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Honda cbr 600 f4i quarter mile time Videos

CBR600F4i Acceleration Runs

Just some 0-60 and 0-100 runs on my bike. Yes, I know I can't launch very well, was my first time doing this on this bike. Keep in mind the bike was having some ...

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Haha first I was like " what the hell, that looks so slow" and then I realized its in mph. XD I have a F4i too. Great bike.

Honda CBR600F4i S 0-60

DISCLAIMER: Not my footage! A CBR600F4i attempt at 0-60.

First Time at the Drag Strip - 02 CBR600 F4i - 12.3 @ 117 mph

02 Honda CBR600 F4i - Mods: K&N filter, Yoshimura exhaust, Dynojet Power Commander, Dynojet Quickshifter. Rider: 225 pounds with gear.

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i thing he was late on start this thing can do beter i believe. its all about the start !
+Arta Piragis Only if you are racing against somebody.  The time at the end of the 1/4 mile starts counting when the front tire of the motorcycle (or vehicle) moves, not when the light turns green.  That means that the driver can wait 30 seconds, 1 minute, 5 minutes after the light turns green, start his run, and still run a 12.3 quarter mile pass.

"Drag" Honda CBR600 F4i... First 6-Second Timeslip! (1/8 mile)

www.facebook.com/boostMDvideo www.boostMDvideo.com Song: "What You Want" by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons ...

CBR 600 F4i vs ZX6R 1/8 Mile

02 CBR 600 F4i vs 01 zx6r - all stock, slipon exhaust. VERY FIRST RUN EVER. So really bad r/t, launch, and shifting. Please no flaming. By the end of the night I ...

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It's the riders... The zx6 is faster in spec.

New rider | Second Time| Honda CBR600f4i | What happened?

I found out the problem that made the bike not starting. It was the battery. I charged it and now everything is fine. Thanks god. I was really upset when I couldn't ...

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Clearly, the battery is dead. Probably regulator/rectifier as it is common with these bikes. Looks like it wasnt charging when being ridden, and when you stalled it couldnt turn on because of power drained when bike war running
yea, that was when i 1st got the bike 
+lentilsouper in fact watching this video i was worrying a little bit about the bike he wasn't giving gas to it and it was looking like the bike was going on overhitting, he wasnt relising the throttle tho... i hope he's doing better now
Its far too obvious to be anything else lol
You are right.I took the battery to a shop, and they told me that the battery is fine!. I assumed it is something in the charging system so I took the bike to a motorcycle shop to check the charging system. They told me it is the battery, the charging system is fine. I end up paying extra $125 thinking that the battery shop were right instead of just changing the battery!

Fun times w/ Ducati Panigale 1199 and Honda CBR 600 F4i

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