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Honda cbr 600 rr 2003 Videos

CBR 600RR 03 Topspeed atempt n.1

This is a Honda CBR 600RR 2003 with a LeoVinci SBK II carbon slip on and was recorded with a GOPRO hero2.

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2003 Honda CBR600RR Walkaround and Sound

Here is the video posted upon request from viewers. A simple walkaround my 2003 Honda CBR600RR bike with killer dual arrow pipes. Here the sweetest ...

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Walkaround: 2003 Honda CBR600rr

Decided to do a little walkaround and review of my bike for y'all! Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MuzakRider Instagram: //instagram.com/muzakrider/

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Hey man,do you still have the stock exhaust on? If so can you do me a favor my bike is making a strange noise or so,i think it's strange lol i also have a stock 03 and finding someone with a 03 cbr600rr let alone with a stock exhaust is pretty hard .. Could you make a quick video of you starting it up and placing your video cam under the oil pan so I can hear if it's making the same noise as mine I've been told mine is ok but it doesn't seem right to me.. That would be much appreciated.. Nice bike btw 

First Track Day of 2011 (Honda CBR 600RR 2003)

My first track day for 2011. It's been a long time and I felt VERY rusty. To make things a bit more interesting, I spliced in different angles. Even though they are ...

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Great work man, I can't wait to take my rr to the track later this season as well. Favorited this video, amps me up even more. Haha.
Great video bro, Imi is definitely my favorite track to have fun on since it's cheap and ten minutes from my house. Ride on! 
Nice buddy! ...great job...!! I'll soon post a Video of me and my 2004 cbr 1000rr at the track...nice vid man!!
bro can you share a pic of where you have mounted go pro for the front view ? it looks awesome
Great head positioning and good job looking deep through those turns!
What the hell, you had the whole track to yourself??
Nice video i just got done with a track day there
@slyfox343 It's a fun little track. Thank you!
if u ever want too go for a ride let me knows
is this a kart track?
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