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Honda cbr 600 f4i mcn Videos

Motorcycle CRASH at MCN London Motorcycle Show

A spectacular 'off' during the 'Slide' show at the 2015 MCN London Motorcycle Show from Craig Jones, the World Record holder for longest 'stoppie'.

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"I'm obviously not human..."

Custom Triumph rocket 3 at MCN London Motorcycle s

Custom Triumph rocket 3 at MCN London Motorcycle show 2016.

honda CBR on dyno HQ-VIDEO

Honda CBR600F4i Used Coffman Exhaust Sound

CBR 600 F4i on Highway 94

Honda CBR 600 F4i on Hwy 94.

Honda CBR 600 Roundabout Surfing Knee Down

Roundabout Surfing on a Honda CBR600F-Sport F4i. Couple of years back when the rider was still finding his feet (or knees...or b*lls)! Music = The Beach Boys ...

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If you're grounding out the pegs either you're not leaning off enough and should re-address your body position, or possibly your suspension is too soft, or you are seriously leaning over. Looking at this video years later I think that you are wrong and for a slow speed knee down which this is, this is a very good body position. Shoulders are to the inside, knee is a long way out and bum half off the seat, all of which leads to knee down at the safest speed, which was the point in the first place
I'm 6'2" so it's a lot easier for me I would think. I have had a 929 for the past few years and find that the shape of the tank makes it harder. Locking my outside knee in and the fact that it is so wide. I would stick with the recommended tyre sizes, I have always found the 190 to be fine. In terms of advice there is better advice than I can give on the net. I lean off as much as I find comfortable, work up to it; Generally one cheek off, shoulders to the inside, look through the corner.
yo man ... how tall are you? ive been trying to get my knee down...im 5' 8" and 170lbs and it just looks like more of getting your body into position right than getting the bike low enuff...i ride a cbr 929 and im just having a hell of a time getting it down.... im running a 190 55zr 17 on the back...ive heard its easier with a 180 50....any suggestions? im not sure on how far to slide off the seat either...like half way or 3 quarter?
Yes and no. The rider there doesn't have perfect posture exactly, it's his first time draggin his knee. It was all fine for me until I started getting faster and leaning more, then I ripped off the feeler bolts on the bottom of the rearsets and then started scraping the pegs. What you can do to avoid buying rearsets for these is "rearset risers" on ebay. they do the exact same thing as aftermarket rearsets and they are $200 cheaper.
Maybe it's just my personal riding style then to have my upper body lower than that. I usually have my eyes at the same level as my mirrors, with my body barely above or laying on the tank, inside elbow down and outside elbow laying across the tank. Though I'll admit, getting arms that low on an f4i is difficult becuase of the higher clip-ons. But if you can get your body lower, it feels much more natural to me.
It seems to me that the faster the corner speed the lower you naturally lean. A good example is the recent Silverstone MotoGP, Casey Stoner sits quite high for the slow hairpin, much like in the video here, but for the rest of it they are very low. That said on trackdays I have seen people elbow down on that hairpin, so I guess different styles for different people. One thing for sure, lower looks much cooler!
@djfranticc Just keep gently pushing your boundaries, years later I'm still fairly slow, but I'm smooth and still love knee down more than anything on the bike. As long as I safely have fun without endangering myself or others, or getting in people's way, I'm happy the way I am. ;o)
/watch?v=sxODoscChNo Take a look at that one. I found that, and part 2 quite useful. I was doing it all wrong, no wonder my rear tire was used all the way to the edges, but my knee never touched the track. :)
Thanks! It looks better on larger roundabouts where you can lean over more and get nearer to the tank, plus you're going about 70-80mph so that helps :o) They're just often a lot busier!
Err, yeah, I am Markypea, ooh who's the video by? Oh yeah MarkyPea. And accompanying text does mention learning still a few years ago. In fact, why do I even bother replying FFS?
Nice! Is the bike all original? Some guy told me that in order to knee down on the F4i you need to buy rearset risers because of the low ground clearance of the foot pegs.
Everybody's got to start somewhere, I await the video of you with 60 degrees of lean and good form with great anticipation.
nice form, there is one like that near my house, i'm gonna throw on the 1 piece and try it.
@falapedro Totally original. If you look, it's nowhere near grounding out the pegs.
Nice nice. I'm yet to get my knee down but it will come eventually :)
nice 1 marky, like the camera work
@markypea ok. thx :)

Triumph Rocket 3 vs CBR600 F4i?

My buddy and I doing 1/8 mile time trials..he was paying hell trying to launch that little 600!..My best on this day is sadly only 7.15@ 104.5 mph..Was really ...
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