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Duran Duran's John Taylor sends good luck message to new Recovery Central in Birmingham

The Birmingham-born musician sent this message ahead of the new addiction treatment centre opening in Digbeth. It's being ran by Changes UK which was ...

Baby girl found alive, dangling upside down in car crash that ki ABC 33 40 Birmingham News, Weat

BY CHRISTINE MCCARTHY KUTV | Sinclair Broadcast Group SPANISH FORK, Utah — The Spanish Fork community is thanking a team of police and ...

Jarvis & Kristen's Baby Gender Reveal (Birmingham)

Note: We Do Not own own any copyrights of this music.* Wanted to share the special news with our friends and family! Being that we live so far away, we ...

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Jarvis & Kristen, So clever of you all to do use youtube to spread the word - you all are very talented. A girl - how sweet no doubt Daddy will spoil her. Congratulations to you both, so happy for you all. All the best, Guri
Great video, Phi. I think you may have started a trend. Congratulations again to you and your Silhouette! Ralph
That's awesome man. Congratulations to you two. May GOD continue to bless y'all.
Thanks Guri! I hope all is well with you!

Woman gives birth outside Primark in Birmingham

Primark Extraordinary moment mother gave birth outside Primark in Birmingham city centre,Woman gives birth to baby girl on pavement outside Primark Crowds ...

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I saw an article about this earlier..I can't believe all of the people stood around watching though lol. Glad mother and baby are okay :) When I was pregnant, I always dreaded I'd go in to labour in a public place so that would of been my worst nightmare lol. P.s. Child birth really isn't that bad (with a little pain relief haha) x
I know, you would think they would have gave her a little more privacy! haha! thanks for letting me know, i am not going to be like the mothers who want a natural no drugs birth, as soon as i walk in that hospital my i will request all drugs straight away! haha :D xx
Looking forward to your vlogs :) xxx
Thanks lovely :) xxx

Baby D performs live at Birmingham Pride 2015

The Dance Act Baby D performed on stage, and included her number one hit 90's "Let me be your fantasy" at the Birmingham Pride 2015. Crowd at Birmingham ...

Taurus 2011 Horoscope-Horoscope for 2011

Birmingham pupil suspended 'for Peaky Blinders haircut' BBC News

Joshua Reape, eight, was sent home from his Birmingham school and told not to return for a week because of his "Peaky Blinders haircut", his mum says.

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Wth? There is nothing wrong with his haircut. It looks neat! Hair grows my goodness, what is wrong with these religious anally retentive people?? Its a child!!
What do you expect from a catholic school. Closemindedness all the way.

Baby D performing "Let Me Be Your Fantasy" at Birmingham Pride 2015

Baby D performing "Let Me Be Your Fantasy" at Birmingham Pride 2015 (Video Clip) . Baby D performing "Let Me Be Your Fantasy" at Birmingham Pride 2015 ...
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