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Guatemalan official admits Obama's lax immigration enforcement is reason for surge in illegal minors

An Guatemalan official is admitting that the reason for the huge surge in illegal minors is because of the Obama Administration's lax immigration enforcement.

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Fuck the ACLU!! These kids should all go back!! We cannot continue to take in the worlds poor....we will cease to exist..
I did not realize Latin America things so little of children. Should the ACLU be attacking them rather than us?
I don't want my taxes get wasted on them! send them all back!

Humanitarian Crisis: Children Crossing the Border from Central America | w/ Lili Gil on Fox News

The mayor of Nogales, Arizona said that his tour of a facility Monday where state officials say about 700 to 1000 mostly Central American children were sent after ...

THE PRICE IS TOO HIGH Trying to Work Illegally in the United States.wmv

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אז המסקנה היא שעדיף להתחתן כל עוד יש ויזת תייר? למי שאין ויזת עבודה.

Careers at the U.S. Department of State: Ben

Ben, a Foreign Service Officer on a consular career track, discusses his experiences working at the U.S. Department of State.

Entrevista con el consul de U.S.A en Tijuana, Andrew Erickson

Hace unos días Armando Figaredo para Cabovision, entrevistó al cónsul de los Estados Unidos en Tijuana, Andrew Erickson donde abarcó los temas del ...
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