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Britney Spears Reveals The Name Of Her New Album

'Work Bitch' star Britney Spears dropped a world exclusive on Capital FM by revealing the name of her much anticipated 8th studio album. Subscribe: ...

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@GraceGlow miley is "sexy" in a very ghetto ratchet trashy way. Always with her tongue out and licking everything.. It's so disturbing and wrong it's sad enough she actually has to try and she's trying really hard to be sex symbol when in reality she looks like a train wreck. Britney however has never licked anything out of all her music videos.she keeps it classy and modest in a way.Britney can sing about 3somes, pole dance, literally sing f-u-c-k me and not look even half as trashy as miley..
She's so adorable and down to earth. I seriously hope she doesn't collaborate with miley cyrus, I fucking hate her so much she's not worthy enough to even think about Britney. She's a sad excuse of pop star with no talent or class (miley)
Rumor is that Britney Spears is featuring Lady Gaga in a track called Alien. Will.I.am is the executive producer and he tt Lady gaga #creativeALIEN. A Britney interview came out,and Britney said that she loves a track called Allien.
Britney was her transfer into her sexy and grown woman character so maybe Britney jean is her settling down into a mature woman? (like no more stuff about sex) i mean she was uncomfortable dancing like that in "work bitch"
totally agree with you on that lol don't want Miley anywhere near Britney and her music...just no. I mean, I can't stand her already, to think that she would come in and ruin part of Brit's album. Please, no...-.-
She definitely said either 'But yes I do' or 'Because I do' quietly about the collabs just before being asked the Miley question. Watch the way her eyes light up when she says it as well! :D
If u don't like Britney, why are u even watching this video? Ya dumb fucks!!! Deal with it Britney is awesome!!! Always has been and always will be!! Rock on Britney!!!
YES! I love the title. It makes sense to call her most personal album what people who know her personally call her :') BRITNEY JEAN coming to slaaaay!
The woman spoke over Britney so it's hard to hear her. Britney said, ''You'll have to wait and see, BUT YES THEY DO!'' OMG! Collaborations! :)
Like Janet's album Damita Jo....cause that's what her family calls her. I love it. Britney looks great here..younger and more awake. Werqqqq
Sounds like there might be a collaboration or some feature on the album. She typically would have just said No otherwise........:)
First in 2001 we had "Britney" the album and a decade later we have "Britney Jean." Next stop "Britney Jean Spears " lol
Bitch still won't reveal if there's any collaboration loooooool. But it's a COOL album title Britney xoxoxo
so cute, and her accent became English at the end... that was too cute hahaha Britney Jean
awww que linda Britney. Y me gusta el nombre del álbum porque es su nombre♥
I hope that the rest of this interview gets released online. I missed it!!
Oh my god!!!! It's called BRITNEY JEAN!!!! So personal from her to all
she looks like a baby haha. she acts sooo youngggggg iloveherrrr.
Oh I was hoping for something more catchy, but oh well it's okay.
She's so cuteeeee, adorable! I love her!!! Britney Queen Jean!

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only murs and Jessie j slayed it
Who was the first woman?
what's the song that 5sos sang?
Loyal - Chris Brown
Olly Murs
He's awesome
10h version of cheryl!!!
+poo sausafe Yea if you do i will love you!!!
Little Mix❤
Little Mix slayed the Anaconda cover!!!!!!
I hope you're not naked

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