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Xbox gfwl Videos

Jogos XBOX ONE / Tchau GFWL / Meu novo PlayStation \O/

Não esqueçam de deixar um gostei e/ou favorito para divulgar essa belezinha aqui =D Twitter: //twitter.com/ricarccioly Instagram: ...

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eu n parei, fui gravar essa semana! mas para a felicidade alheia meu HD deu pau logo quando terminei :/ entao encomendei um pendrive de 32gb que n foi rapido o suficiente pra placa. agora estou esperando um kingston de 16gb que vai chegar segunda. agora é torcer pra que dê certo ;)
c fosse no brasil vc nuca veria u ps na rua
Pq vc parou de fazer the sims 3 pets?
melhor que ingecao na testa
bom video

Team Slayer Br Snipe Zanzibar HALO 2 vista xbox gfwl

Wii Slim, GFWL Shutting Down, Xbox 360 Exclusives to PC

New Wii Slim coming soon hopefully without losing much. And Games for Windows Live getting shut down soon. Microsoft is looking to port 1st party games ...

Team Slayer Midship Halo 2 Monstrmoose Vista xbox gfwl

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fun game will be sorely missed

This Why Xbox Live Should Not Mix With GFWL

So iwas quite happily sitting there playing against yet another spamming Zangrief, when this kid sent me a message after the match had ended. So i called him a ...

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if i were in ur place...i wud have found out where he lived....broke into his house in broad daylight ..... beat him and his father to a bloody bleeding pulp...!! u have some serious patience dude....aftr this dun hold back...use the best words in your vocabulary ;) ..
cry some more psn,steam,youtube,forum sites.etc have the same problem
i bet he isnt 9 good video though
that kid must have large thighs
he makes the gayest names
i saw gerald.
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