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The bahamas artist Videos

Artists of the Bahamas - Eddie Minnis

This clip from "Artists of the Bahamas" features music composed by Tony Silva. //www.tonysilva.com Artists of the Bahamas is a documentary film that ...

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Excellent. Would love to see him work live.

Visage Ft Wendi - One Song (Official Music Video) "2016 Soca" (Bahamas)

[Official] //Julianspromos.com / Subscribe to Channel: //tiny.cc/YTubeSubscribe | Written by: Wendy Lewis, Dyson Knight. Ramona Riddim: Produced by ...

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it pains me to see so many great songs made in the Bahamas are so underrated.
Yes new song from Bahamas #Andros
Nice song Wendi. See you still doing your ting.
keep pushing this song. don't waste this song
This song hype plus she dead cute. 10/10
I just love this song.. ❤❤❤❤
gotta promote this more.
kmll. sawyer boii doe
242 #proudBahamian
I love this song
Big tune..
Luv it!!1

Artists of the Bahamas - Max Taylor

This clip from "Artists of the Bahamas" features music composed by Tony Silva. //www.tonysilva.com Artists of the Bahamas is a documentary film that ... //feedablog.com/reviews/513-saeco-hd8423-11-poemia-macchina-espresso-manuale-nero.html

Spray paint art: Bahamas

I just wanted to paint something like a beach scene. I will work on making my palm trees more available and come out with more videos. Like comment and ...

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your palm trees suck...but otherwise ok..
+Tiki art
+Aaron Palmer Thank you hahaha

Bobo Ken - Bahamas #1 Reggae Artist

Bobo ken singing his hit song "Hurricane soon come" ..The ras bad me ah tell u..him can perform tuh ras.

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yo thats not fair to say...i am Bahamian and the thing that you must understand is that Bahamians are exposed primarily to the lower class Haitians wh don't wear deodorant, smell like garlic and wear soiled torn clothes...exactly how would a "Typical" American respond to someone of that profile? you get my point. They are oblivious to the fact that they have haitians to thank for their freedom from slavery as black african displaced in the west or the beauty of Haiti and her ppl.....forgive us
lol girl u stupid a.. wow..let me drop a few pointers for you: 1. Yeh ur comment was 5 months ago or whatever but it's evident I don't go around searchin for comments to reply to right after the author (meaning u-jus in case i lost you a bit) wrote. I saw the comment so I stand free to share my opinon. 2. You don't know me to call me a "bitch" so all this ranting and raving u doing is NOT moving me. 3. Have a BLESS SUNDAY and remember "Everything beautiful has flaws"-think on that sweetie.
@ runkz1 now you stop that RIGHT there... You are making no sort of sense and stop using "yall" because I quite frankly don't have no problem with ppl of other nationality. Every nationality and race has their difficulties and/or flaws so stop bringing down others because I sure a time or two your "arm was sour" and possibly you may have been "raggedy" as well (WHATEVER that word MEANS :-S)... Please get a life, educate yourself more, GET OUT OF THAT SMALL MINDED MENTALITY... kudos : )
instead with try to support our our culture in the bahamas (rake & scrap an bahamian music an style) we go and run away with the jamaican culture, i'd nvr support something like this. We are the only ppl who change who we are suppose to be, jamaicans come to the bahamas they stay jamaicans, haitians come they stay to whatever hatians do, chinese come they stay to what they do but NOOOO we wan do it all and therefor i may ask what is it that we DO? hard ? isnt it
Our country spend more money on the Haitian people socially than we on our own people to correct your egnorance about the Bahamas. they use up the free health care but we have to pay, we wouldn't need a detention center if not for them, we spend millions sending them back home annd they are back less than a week and the list go on and on. I know alot of us Bahamians think the Haitins are less than but they are not and i say we're wrong in that regard
@CAPECOULORED fellow people my ass even doe this was two year ago more than half of the fucking hatian in the bahamas are fucking illegal so talk what the fuck you know they cuz it hard for bahamain who need jobs the law is the law find your own fucking home now if you str8 then cool but dont come over here looking for people to feel sorry for you if you aint suppose to be here in the first place nigga
CAPECOULORED-- um this is to u! who cares if the Haitians dont like it they can LEAVE. No one EVER asked them to come to the bahamas! they better be happy we are a Godly country and allow them to stay ...ALL CUD GO HOME DONT AFFECT ME ONE WAY OR THE OTHER ..I WILL CUT MY OWN GRASS IF NECCESSARY THANKS !PS WE HAVE DAILY FLIGHTS FROM MIAMI!
We dun no nuff a yall don't like we so keep God in we heart even yall try spight we. ok we just tried of the Haitian people over crowding our country, by the way I sincerely believe treat them better then any onther country in the world. they ccan't go D.R. which is next door to them or yard and the US don't care bout them
Umm....u obviously have nothin 2 do with ur time.....that comment was written months ago and u commentin now???? Bitch im flawless!!!! N think again....my arm??? sour??? dnt think so!!!!! anyway just 2 make it clear I DO NOT HAVE A PROBLEM WITH HAITIANS!!!! DEY JUS NEED 2 GO BACK WHERE DEY COME FROM SIMPLE AS DAT!!!!!
@CAPECOULORED say what u want about Bahamian with ya damn spitty mouth but that fact that you said u hate Bahamian aren't u being racist as well? Until you experience the lifestyle of Bahamians your opinions is based on assumptions and you yourself it pre judging so u should hate yourself as well.
@CAPECOULORED fuk u king think sum 1 sapoose ta suk ya dik a lion? care ya pussy hole thn cuz een no 1 on ya run. light ass americans een no ntn big man try hard watch ya mouth come in freeport carvel beach runin takes, end ya life quick king
BOMb ya dun kno how it go mudafuckas, tune in trustme dis is Dumbo da dude speaking i kno dis lyrical killa personally n i cud say dis prepare cuz yall aint hear shit from da 1 Bobo Ken GET STUCK presendent ''kill em again''
Am a Bahamian and you should not judge all Bahamians because of your experience with a few. We as a people really don't care if you don;t like us, we are a Bless People and we are here to Stay so get use to it.......lol
@ThreeKProduction Ok this topic is so old next! Im not even haitian i'm jamaican by the way. I only visit your country & theres nothing great about it just a bunch of racist money hungry people. The states is better.
i guess u is a haitian 2 then lol thats why we hate yall because yall so fuckin ignorant lol stupid ass!!!! u fuckin sour arm raggedy ass HAITIAN!! if u dont wany us 2 look down on yall then go back 2 fuckin HAITI!!!
but what I REALLLY came here to say... Exceptional job Ras... Stay encouraged! Love ta see my fellow Bahamians doing positive... WHATEVER it may b, long as it POSITIVE... always ga support ya'll ALWAYS... : )
Lmao these comments.. A LOT of the islands in the West Indies are influenced by reggae the point is all of these music genres stem from AFRICA so stfu ! 242 all day big ups to the caribbean :)
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