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Portland or vacation ideas Videos

vacation ideas for SWW and Jack

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I reckon Disneyland would be a good compromise, you guys can act as newlyweds... I can see Jack in a flowing red dress and Earl as a lumberjack... just make sure uncle Dorf keeps hold of Trent, they can get a bit hyperactive at his age...
Thats a great Idea Trent. its cheap to fly there and rooms and entertainment are reasonable and the best thing about it is I have never been. I will check with Jack. he is holding on for Dorfs house for some reason.
I would guess we would come back as its my plan to have trent pay for the entire thing. if he pays for a return trip I expect he would drag us back with him.
yeah, I don't see us taking Dorf on a boat. he would sink it for sure, or cause it to hit a bridge and dump commuters into the icy waters below.
now you've changed your mind? ok, how about you list five places and we will see if some mutual concessions can be made. Shout out to your Dad!
I say Jamaica but that means SWW will be the only one coming back because I know you and Jack will smoke yourselves retarded. MALT LIQUOR
sure would. if we filmed the entire thing we could auction off the footage. I wonder how much we could get for a weeks vacation footage?
J.A all the way,seen! you better hope Dorf,didnt rivet that boat,could be the Titanic all over again, MALT LIQUOR!
I would be wearing a go pro the entire time. why would Jack want to bring Trent to Dorfs house I have no idea!
500 fantastic videos were made using this cold cold Mickeys. its freedom brings forth Malt Excellence!
Disneyland would be a great idea. I would place bets on Jack and Trent getting asked to leave though.
Hey ERL you ever had Mickey's ICE? I dont think Ive seen a vid of you swillin THE ICE!
I finally bought a case of Mickey's today. It does actually taste like freedom.
you are finally free my friend. enjoy those Ice cold Mickeys! Malt Excellence!
Earl,Jack,and SWW at Dorf's house. HAHAHAHA . That's a good one. Malt Liquor
Pick Jamaica steel or you are a faget a limp dick fucking faggggggit!
I have had the ICE, I thought it fine but not fine enough.
Fuck dorf's house we gowin to thr whore house yeeeehaaah!
That vacation would be interesting to say the least.
not for me, I burn like its my job.
Las Vegas. Malt Liquor!
DRUNK comment! ha!

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We recently got back from our trip to Portland & the ocean. While we were in Portland, we visited THE BEST CRAFT STORE EVER. If you love all things paper, ...

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you should do a video on how you are storing all this stuff. the water color stuff with flowers reminds me of the things they are selling at Michaels now!
+Staciek76 K I'll do it next week. I think I finally have it organized how I want it. Now makeup is a different story lol. Organizing never ends!

Tumbleweed Tiny House Village

The idea of living in a tiny house can seem pretty appealing, but the reality of day-to-day life in such a small space obviously isn't for everyone. Those looking to ... https://un-electronics.com/de/reviews/806-hotel-villanueva/

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Wow! This is just a gorgeous setting with all the tiny homes. Wonderful. God bless.
You totally could have put a link in the description or something.

Road Trip, R-Family Gay Family Values

Ok well summer is here and its time for our summer vacation. This year I have had to work way to much so I have saved a bunch of vacation time. I have a month ...

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I hope your family had a good time in Canada. Hopefully it wasn't too much of a culture shock. If you ever want to return or even considering it please feel free to do so. Canadians are mostly very accepting and very diverse in every way possible. Canadian landscape and especially weather is also very diverse from coast to coast to coast . Vancouver is regarded as the warmest place in Canada in the winter and we also have the glaciers up north into the northern territories. Please feel free to come back if you are interested.
enjoy the trip,hitting canada on the 5 freeway, was always a hoot.its like the entrance to 'wally world' from national lampoons,also got a kick outa the curencey,full of critters,heh an colorful,even the coins were worth keeping as for stops to hit,not to sure,'town of subdued excitment is bhams motto,nice parks in fair haven, b'ham,whatcom,can't recall specific directions to the historic farm/petting zoo along the river in whatcom county.canada's got their great share of awe inspiring parks,eh
cool!! sounds like so much fun! take loads of pictures and be super safe!! don't forget to save money when you can by packing lunches/snacks instead of fastfood, also don't forget to get your van a safety inspection b4 u go! you can save on gas at proper tire inflation, don't forget fun road games for the kids that engage the mind, most important have fun like I'm sure you will, see and do everything you possibly can.. sorry to sound invasive I just hope u have loads of fun w/out any problems!
feel free to ask for more suggestions and stuff, seattle is full of fun stuff. also, good choice about going to victoria. i love it up there. your kids might enjoy this big insect exhibit they have up there. i loved it!!! cool for adults too. another thought is stopping either in the washington or oregon coast. not like california beaches but very beautiful in their own way. i love the beaches on the indian reservations!! sorry this is so much, just thought i would throw stuff out. HAVE FUN!!
hey, cool video. i live in seattle. you are coming up here at a good time. it is so nice here in the summer. hot but not too hot. in seattle, you should go to the pike place market. it is very iconic and well worth the trip. the whole seattle waterfront can be fun too. we have a very good zoo here, called woodland park zoo. you should also go swimming. lake washington is a great lake to swin in, on the east side of seattle. also, take a ferry ride somewhere. that is a lot of fun!!!! please
Here are a couple ideas: -Hit up Butchart Gardens near Victoria. It's a really beautiful place. -If you can take the time, the town of Chemainus is a really nice little art town (it's also on Vancouver Island) -Find a place where you can eat a Nanaimo bar. Delicious. You probably don't even have to go all the way from Victoria up to Nanaimo to find one. -So even though you mentioned driving along the 5 for your journey, if you can you should at least do part of the journey along PCH!
I'm sure you guys will love Portland! Very gay friendly. Make sure you see the rose garden in Washington Park and visit Multnomah Falls in the Columbia Gorge. The kids will love OMSI, a hand's on science museum, and Jamison Park in the Pearl. Not sure if you already have a hotel, but the Ace Hotel has cool, eclectic, affordable rooms and usually has cute gay guys working and staying there ;) Check out Laurelhurst brewery if daddies want a beer and kids can have a play area.
Hey guys, love your vids. I used to work on cruise ships as a performer and I Loved my Alaska Adventures. You should definitely take advantage of the excursions offered. Your kids would love dog sledding, whale watching, train tours, helicopter rides, and there are lots of amazing hikes! Any questions just ask. I'd love to give any advice that you might want. what is your itinerary?
Grab doughnuts at Voodoo Doughnuts While you're in Portland. or lunch from a food cart, you can find any kind of food imaginable in a portland Food Cart. Visit Saturday Market or the farmers market up in the park blocks by PSU. Go on a hike on Mt. Tabor. Take the kids to OMSI. Definately go to Multnomah Falls while you're here as well. Have fun!
Have fun you guys! I used to live in NorCal, but the only restaurants I can remember are the ones my Mom was head chef at! Zen, Tastings, and The Five Mile House. Oh, and I always loved the sushi restaurant Mikuni when I was little. I can't really help you out with anywhere else. Sorry. :) Hope you have lots of fun!
My cousin drove up the west coast of USA and married a nice Seattle? girl. I would love to visit west coast. Think about the east coast of Australia? My brother married a dutch girl. How very modern. I married Newcastle NSW Australia trash. He should be in In jail ;) Id take him back in a instant.
I hope y'all have a great time on the cruise & on the road trip! I've done the long car trip with two small kids many a time & it can be stressful, but frequent stops, plenty of snacks & gameboys/coloring books can make it a lot easier! Be careful on the roads and make some great family memories!
The excursions are out of our price range this time around. We have spent all we can just taking the cruise so we are going to just be casuale at the ports in Alaska. Plus we are going to Wash Dc this Oct for the March on Washington so we need to save money for that :O(
Have a great vacation..i think its wonderful you can be gay and a police officer. Here you have to sign a morality clause..can't be gay and work on the police force, in prisons, etc....just thought I would mention that. Be safe...have fun kids...
You guys are wonderful. Drive safely and have a lovely trip. I really hope the weather will be good for you and that you will have clear roads. Look after each other. My thoughtrs are with you. Love you guys Rich
Hey hope you guys have fun on your road trip! When you're in Seattle you should go to the fish market its really cool. You should go to the Seattle Space Needle. Have fun and hope you take a bunch of pictures.
Vegan Doughnuts and lots of other crazy flavors. They do doughnuts with cocoa puffs on top, chico sticks, a maple bacon bar, lots of crazy stuff. Be prepared to wait in line though, it's always really long.
Hey, thanks for the email letting us know about your wonderful vacation. If you ever make it down to Albuquerque New Mexico let us know. Joseph & Marc (2 dads) Stephen, Brandon and Michael (3 sons)
Yay I live right by Seattle. Whenever my family comes up we take them to the Space Needle, Pike Place Market, and my little brother and sister and I love to go to Point Defiance Zoo.
YAY have fun. I wish I could see you guys. But I live on the Border of Alberta and Saskatchewan :-( Oh well. You guys will have lots and lots of fun. I cant wait to see the video's.
Aw, have a great time!!! I'm all the way over on the east coast, so I can't really help you out there. It would be great to meet you though! Have fun and be safe! -Kevin
i hope you guys have an awsome vacation, you should come over to England some time. Me and Alice would love to meet you someday. Your kids are so aweet XD bye XxX

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