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Portland wds Videos

Pharrell Williams - Happy (WDS 2014 Portland)

Beautiful happy dancing (world dominating) people. //worlddominationsummit.com Produced by: Anfernee Chansamooth (//confidentpreneur.com)

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Have you seen the World Domination Summit version of +Pharrell Williams' "Happy" yet? It was a blast putting this together in just 3 days with all the awesome WDS'rs in Portland. Enjoy! #WDS2014 #worldDominationSummit #Portland 
You're awesome...Anfernee great meeting you and fantastic job on the video :-) Catch you on the next one in Portland or maybe Laos...
So this is why they where practicing dance moves outside the theater, Fantastic #wds2014

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Man I am glad you said it. It doesn't get much better than those three words!
Thanks Gilly =) Talk about a pressure statement lol ! Thank you.
Thanks so much Jason, I very much appreciate it.
Ill say it. That's fucking awesome!
RTB, you never fail to inspire.
You nailed it. Well done!

[email protected]

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Someone gave me one this past weekend at WDS! I didn't know what it was, but when I saw the little bot, it made me smile. Then she took my picture just as you said. And that made me smile again.
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