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Guilford college bryan hall Videos

Guilford edges North Haven, 4-3 in SCC lacrosse

SportzEdge Tonight at 10:45 on myTV9.

2015 NE Showcase: Anthony Esposito (RB/DB) of Lyman Hall HS

The annual Northeast Football Showcase takes place in spring each year in CT and allows high school football players an opportunity to display their skills for ...

No Baseball Hall of Fame in 2013

Hollywood Joe talks about how their is no one headed to Cooperstown this year. Here is the breakdown of how the voting went down. Player Votes Pct Craig ...

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Really enjoying the content here dude keep it up!!

'Train Trip To Guildford' Jerry Martin - Loaded Dog John Dengate Memorial Concert

Filmed at the John Dengate Memorial Concert at The Loaded Dog Folk Club, Annandale - Saturday 19th October 2013. Visit the John Dengate Collection via: ...

Archaeological dig at Marlboro College

Friday, Aug. 29, students from Marlboro College teamed up with archaeologists from Hartgen archaeological Associates Inc., to conduct a dig at the Mumford ...

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Do you guys learn how to use Bad Breath at Marlboro College?

Guthrie Govan Waves

Guthrie Govan visits Berklee College of Music and plays in the David Friend Hall He performs "Waves"

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Typically, Govan is on the road all the time, and he may have to use whatever is available at the location where he is playing. So he often doesn't always have the amp he would like. He uses a "go bag" with some pedals and stomp boxes he likes, and you can find several videos where he shows the contents. It's a very humble collection. Most of the tone if from his guitar and fingers, which a lot of people don't understand, but someone else playing the same rig would sound very different.
I want Berklee in Boston to open up a masters program!! PLEASE!!! Get Guthrie to teach. This is how I would imagine the angels play in heaven, complete command of whatever they wish to do, no shroud of ignorance, no bridge between self and expression of self, just pure will power and creativity, its amazing how he achieved this level. It's also amazing my friend Nili Brosh has rocked out on stage with him too.
It must have been great in the master class! In regards to the amp I agree, but I have noticed that when Guthrie was using his Cornford Roadhouse that he used to play with less distortion. Although as he said in his rig rundown with PremierGuitar, being that he's in a trio it's about trying to sound as big as possible :)
haha. Dude, really? Pedantic to the tenth degree. At this level of skill and development, there is no more good or bad, just presenting art. If you're paying attention to details of his performance to that small of a degree you are truly missing the point entirely.
Impossible to be fernandes because these are activated with two little switches and firstly he did not switch anything for the hole song apart from the pickup selector and there are no other switches on the guitar so it was pure sustain. It sounded so also ;)
Does anyone know what he uses for his tone? I mean that as in is it off his amp or is he running some kind of pedals, and if he is running pedals does anyone know which ones? Im not trying to copy his tone or anything I am just curious to how he gets it.
I was there!! :) that was his master class for the five weekers! I love the fact that he's playing a fender amp and getting his sound. you don't need a cornford to sound as guthrie
I was there too it was awesome I hava a picture with him that day and a sign in my Ibanez Fireman :) he doesn´t only play good but gives real good tips and advices.
This man is so intimidating. So fluid and precise. Phrasing of the gods. His work on the new Steven Wilson album is phenomenal. Extreme respect.
Wow.... dude,what rock have you been living under? That's one of the oldest jokes on YouTube. No one laughs at that shit anymore.
he's not endorsed by them anymore. he doesn't play for Charvel, but he is using a prototype at the moment that he says he enjoys.
If You want to see his current Guitar (and setup) search for "Guthrie Govan || Interview - Live Setup Guitarspot.Gr".
hmm, yea i guess do to the headstock, but he did switch to charvel recently and uses a new natural finished guitar.
Not his best performance, still exceptionally great of course, but I'm pretty sure he would resent this upload ;)
You´re Right !!! He did not switch anything there ... amazing sound amazing sustain. Thx for the help bro.
Someone who really know him can plz tell me ... It´s was a sustain or he´s using a fernandes pick up ???
I'm not pedantic about this, but he is. I think he mentioned more than once his concerns with YT uploads.
I hate people who compare guthrie to god. Well he is a coll guy but he is nothing like guthrie.
Guthrie Govan visits Berklee College of Music, more like Jesus visits Berklee College of Music
this guy is fantastic i have got the album erotic cakes just can't stop playing it 
his fingers mate. you could plug into all his gear and still wouldnt sound like him
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