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How Chemtrails and HAARP Manufactured the Fort McMurray Beast of Beltane Fire Festival

My Latest Upload: "Crash of Flight MS804 Blame it On the Pilots, Muslims, Jihadists. Don't Blame It On the Rain.

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We live in a society where inside jobs and corruption run rampant.
+P.E.I. Man Canada You and I both know that one. Peace.
still fires?
+Connie Long Yes, the fires are huge still. They had a little bit of run, but nothing of substance. The fire is twice the size of the city of Calgary.
Hey... maybe it was arson. The price of oil has been below the profitable mark for the dirty, inefficient tar sands for what... 2 or 3 years now? Maybe this was an insurance ploy by those who can't pay their boom time bills in a busted town.
+Noah Namey It appears that you may be on the right course, but this was very evil no matter how it turns out. Peace.
I always get a kick out of GW deniers who out of one side of their mouths claim that humans are two puny to effect the planet we live on, and then out of the other side of their mouths, start spouting some Reynolds Wrap hat shit.
Walk everywhere then if you use no oil and gas.
+Noah Namey That's an example of a logical fallacy called False Equivalence. People who reject AGW do so based on the premise they are being accused by government grant funded research of somehow causing or are primary contributes to AGW. Information concerning military geoengineering technologies is excluded, for the more part, from the mass media therefore only small segments of society are aware of it. However, the groups or people that are aware of such things are harshly and routinely ridiculed and marginalized in order to keep such ideas from gaining traction.
If I click on this video without signing in, I don't see most of the comments (below). What is THAT about? Does youtube have a "special" youtube for certain posters?
+Oona Craig They are playing with my channel all the time. Too hot to handle. LoL Peace.

Rolling Thunder over Chickaree Summit

This is a rare event. Outflow from a thunderstorm some 15 miles away pushing this fog bank over the mountain.

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That's what I miss about western PA.

ABC13 Eyewitnesses News Breaking News Tank Explosion 2014

What Happen Tank Explosion.

Video-Cast: Rainy Overnight Forecast

Watch the latest KCCI-TV Super Doppler forecast.
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