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Ram 1500 gas tank Videos

1997 chevy 1500 fuel tank, fuel line, and brake line replace

yes i know this is a long video but its what it took to get it going today. lots of things going on with it doay and i may have created more problems.so lets spend the ...

User Comments

Disappearing stuff? That's why I have five thirteen millimeter spanners. Sometimes I think I have someone from the other side who is trying to be funny.
+Per-Erik Gustafsson yea kind of funny i couldnt find the fuel pump until i picked up camera lol and i had looked there few mins before.lol
Things seem to take a little longer, as we get older we forget where we put things and harder for us to get around. Between my wife and I it take use all day to do what I use to do in a half a day. lol
+buzzsah yea hate the days when you just use something and lay it down and turn around and its gone.thanks for stopping by.
just wondering if somehow you crossed the fuel lines or put then in the wrong spots
+drvshaft drew i thought that but the fuel lines only fit one way.
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