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Zara usa mh17 Videos

Saksi MH17 Terhempas Amateur Footage Video

Video Amateur Footage MH17 Terhempas //abcseoxyz.blogspot.com/2014/11/video-amateur-footage-mh17-terhempas.html Video Amateur MH17 Footage ...

State Dept 'Lyin' John Kirby' Fails to Explain why Obama is Supporting Al Qaeda ally Ahrar al Sham

Published on May 14, 2016 A GLOBAL REVOLT: RI Spring Crowdfunding Campaign: https://igg.me/at/Gp17O7r2ymo/x/11078070 ohn Kirby, State Department ...

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Looking forward to getting these filthy terrorist traitors on the end of a rope . There's plenty lamp poles standing unoccupied ......

Abbott outlines Australia's G20 priorities - SBS Amharic

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prime minister is a liar and a american suck arse he should eat his words so should liar obamo too

Berlin: Gedenken an Odessa-Massaker - Anti-Maidan Aktivisten verdammen US-Unterstützung an Kiew

Ein Dutzend Anti-Maidan Aktivisten versammelten sich am Montag am Brandenburger Tor in Berlin, um der Opfer von Odessa zu gedenken. Oleg Muzika ...

This is a challenge to you religious people.

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One day we are all gonna die. When and where or how that we do not know..This world is only temporary but the after life is gonna be forever..have a good day mate. :)
i'm not your "mate", maddam.  you did not answer the question that i asked in the video. and i doubt very much that you've even watched any of the pictures or videos that i posted links to, in the description box.
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