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China currency trading economics Videos

Trading Economics: What is Conspicuous Consumption?

Almost without realizing it, people have adjusted their attitudes over the last century. In the 20th century with technical advances it could be seen that that in ...

China's Economic Crisis Explained

//www.worldometers.info/world-population/china-population/ ...

Trading Economics Unemployment Rate ✔ Stock Market

Trading Profits of $760 in just 72 seconds! TOP SECRET Formula! Click Here Now! //tiny.cc/Profits-Auto-Pilot You've probably heard a lot about the brand ...

Currency, Trade, & Economic - Rumors of War

Currency wars, trade wars, economic war, shooting wars, rumors of wars, gold price drops, and the Time of the Vulture. Join the Junius Maltby Channel for ...

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Gold is only drastically down in U.S. dollars. I can assure you that it did not make much of a difference in other currencies
The dollar is currently 'strong' and if you held gold you have lost nothing but a speculative bet on the dollar over the past few months. The Euro is getting weaker due in part to QE and in part to Greece and so gold is more expensive relative to Euros. Neither of these things have anything to do with the long term value of gold.If you look at it short term then if dollar rally runs out of steam then you will see your gold increase in dollar value. On the other hand, if interest rates rise then gold will continue to fall in dollar value. Over the long term gold will retain your purchasing power better than any currency on the planet. 
Thats true. In euros gold is even rising! Im quite surprised...
Not blowing smoke up ya. But I have never found any of your videos boring. I look forward to them.
Lol, not at all boring Junius. Keep doing what your doing. Really appreciate the articles and the reading, it solidifies things for me Re: PMs. Thanks for the Sub too. That was a nice surprise. Have a great week bro 
I thought that I had already subbed and noticed today I was not.
Hey Junius thanks for the Sub and 20 mins into the video and haven't turned off yet. I normally listen to you in the bath or the car. Must be good as it costs me big time in 4G bandwidth. What do you make of the big reduction in defence spending in the UK at this time which seems more uncertain than ever?
+Numistacker You're so right and we never know what is in his head until it's too late. Hope it will never happens.
If Putin keeps it up we may be calling on our American friends sooner than we all think.
The UK depends on the "Umbrella" protection of the US nuclear arsenal.  The only military force the UK needs is the one to keep the peasants, serfs, plebes and naives that reside within its own borders at bay.  The US spends money on defense so its allies don't have to.   It is one of the many reasons the US is going broke.  
Thanks.  I thought I was already subbed to you and a few others but it looks like somehow they were dropped or I never actually did.
Another good video.

Macro Finance_ World Economic Collapse In The Hands Of America

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