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JCPenney: "Today's the Day" Commerial

JCPenney "Every Day Matters". Oscar Commerial "Today's the Day"

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Ok it can be tricky. Search for "Forever Thursday" and you get it first on the list. Or search for "Melanie Horsnell" and its the last video on page 2. The song is "How can it be", the group is called Forever Thursday and the singer is Melanie Horsnell. OR go to Melanie's m y s p a c e and its posted on the right... plus BONUS you get to hear her latest music
This is Australian's Melanie Horsnell singing and Elliot Wheeler producing. The original full song is called "how can it be" by Forever Thursday and they did a video. Look to your right in related videos and you will see it. Also Melanie's single "I just want some love". OR head to Melanie's m y s p a c e and you will hear her latest album.
This is Melanie Horsnell singing. Melanies latest single video "Lovers Home" is here on y o u t u b e. Just search for Melanie Horsnell Lovers Home To hear the original song from this ad click on forever thursday - how can it be in related videos on the right of the screen
The original song is called "How Can it be" sung by Melanie Horsnell and witten and produced by Elliot Wheeler as Forever Thursday. You can find the original song here on you tube just search for the title. Or go to Melanie's m y s p a c e where it is posted.
Yeah, what ricky said. And sometimes I want to keep a commercial. Because its awesome. Like the bandaid ripping off singing robot bear thing one. :] Hurray for free time on commercials. (that i probably won't buy from anyway lol)
Many times, the people who make these commercials put them up, so they have an easy way to show their work, for free and without having to set up their own website. I believe that is the case here.
Melanie Horsnell the singer of J C Penney "todays the day" has just released her new single "Mary Mary", you can hear it on i tunes and also on Melanie's my space site.
wow they are proud of that kid. anyways, where is the commercial with the girl trying not to be found out...with the initials that she's trying to hide?
I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE this commercial and thanks for letting us know whose song this is... I have been in love with it ever since the commercial debuted!
Do a search for Goulburn Valley Harvest ad here in YouTube to see a current spot Melanie has done the soundtrack for. It's great!
This is a lovely, sweet commercial. Yes, it's an ad, but it's not a "Jeans, 29.95" type of ad. It speaks to bigger ideas at work.
Is the JCP commercial with the little girl trying to hide the heart & initials (Today is the day to get up the nerve) online?
I like It's All Inside a lot better than Every Day Matters though It's All Inside sounds more like a christmas slogan
That shouldn't be too hard cause i always shop at primark and h&m! Love the song, thanks for uploading, pmljr21!
Kudos to Saatchi & Saatchi for this new and inventive TV spot from a brand that used to blend into TV oblivion.
What is the name of this song? i typed in "Today's the day" and "how can it be" but nothing came up....
my baby brother( yellow shirt) what a cutie!!.. hes gunna be a big movie star!!!! COMMENT EVERYONE..
Melanie Horsnell also sings the new Qantas Paper Planes Ad... soundsgreat. Just search for it here
Its a battle of commercial songs...im convinced that JC Pen has the best ones besides Old Navy.

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