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Greenville nc used mobile homes for sale Videos

3900 Azelea Street, Greenville, NC 27834

The Virtual Tour for the property at 3900 Azelea Street, Greenville, NC 27834 selling for $8000: //www.propertypanorama.com/instaview-tour/gre/122699 ...

1611 Gentle Breeze Drive, Greenville, NC 27534

The Virtual Tour for the property at 1611 Gentle Breeze Drive, Greenville, NC 27534 selling for $38999: ...

508 Burruss Place, Greenville, NC 27834

Mobile Home Flooring Repair (910) 845-2207 Southport NC

//www.DrewsRoofingAndHomeRepair.com Drew's Roofing and Home Repair of Southort, NC Another Mobile Home Floor Repair we are doing on Long ...

User Comments

I will be replacing the floors in my master bath, laundry and under water heater. Do I need to look for a special brand or type of plywood for these areas? The rest of the home the plywood looks to be in like new condition except for the fact it seems to thin as it flexes in certain spots under my weight. Do I need to remove that plywood and lay new thicker pieces in it's place or do I lay new on top of it? Any special brand or type for that? Sorry for the questions, I'm learning day by day
Ref min 3:50 of your video. What? You need to make the 2x4's long enough to wedge between the joists. Then you toe them into the joist. It only takes a little more time and material to do the job correctly. If you short cut here, I wonder how many other things that you are short cutting on the total. I got sick and tired of the people I hired to do the repairs on my 7 MH's who didn't do the job right and I have to go back and do it again. So now I don't trust anybody else to do any of it.
so what happens when the particle board and the carpet that is left under the walls start to rot and aquire mold??the floor repair was a quick fix for short term, but nothing I would want done, a lot of wasted time and money. I would have wanted the carpet and all the particle board removed as in a couple yrs when they rot,the walls will sag and the doors and windows will not work and people will probably get sick from the mold.
I watched Home Depot send out 2 young boy to do my neighbors floors. That is exactly whet they did. They just slapped plywood over the existing floor. The people have moved and the raccoon's, opossums have drug out the insulation in the yard. That means, they are under the house. Thank you for your advice. I may do this myself. Can't trust anyone.
And second question, can one place this board over the wood-chip floor? before my neighbors came in, the owner had Home Depot come in (underage boys) put a floor in and they just put the plywood over the rotten floor. I am scared of what may come up from under the house (opossum).
You are doing it the right way. I did many Mobile home floors in my younger days and the worst part for me was the old flooring being glued to the floor joist. Thanks you for posting the video it brought back good memories.
this video helped me alot, im about to start a floor replace project due to a leak in a bedrom bathroom. im a girl and i cant wait to get this going now that i have a idea on how to do it! thanks for the helpful vid
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If I want to lay tiles, should I get cement backer board to go on top of the plywood? Moisture is a huge problem and I want to insure that I don't have to replace floors again.
Please do a,under belly repair. Coons ants and cats have made a mess. I need to repair and then cover it. Some real helpful hvac repairs and fixes would be wanderful help.
just bought a modular with the same problems..would osb be ok? and in bathrooms should i cut around shower and garden tub or remove them and replace flooring under them?
the question about existing flooring and carpet sandwiched between the old floor and walls will mold over time is there anything that can be done about that?
Thanks for this video, I'm following all your suggestions step by step, and everything is going very well, God bless you for sharing your knowledge for free.
I HATE these floors. Thanks for this. Do you have a video of re doing the walls? Adding tile in the bathroom? removing that crappy wood panel?
There is an article on MHLivingNews (add the dot com) on exactly this topic, of buying and updating mobile or manufactured homes.
THANK YOU!THANK YOU!THANK YOU! mobile home original floors are wood chips and glue. I have MAJOR work to do. THANK YOU!
I can't find the day 3 part of this video. What is the title of day 3 repair? I'd like to see the finished product.
Great video, I have to fix a relatives floor in their trailer, and this really helped, thanks.
learn how to STOP Flipping the canera around so we can see WTF you are doing..
u better jack up the walls and get that if u dont u just pissing in the wind.
Do you prefer Phillip head or the other torx or Allen sqrews in the floor?
what size plywood are you using?Icould'nt understand you

2021 Nc Highway 33, Greenville, NC 27834


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