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Works studio london Videos

Dream Works Studio Tour | London

So me and my sisters went to London, to go a see the Dream Works Studio. It was amazing. We did a lot of other things too but I'll leave that to the vlog.

Something in the works @London Nebel's Studio, Lörrach

Quick update from London Nebel's studio, We've been working on this one for the past 36 hours and it's coming along really nicely. Here is London Nebel's ...

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logic is only 200 dollars? pretty cheap for a DAW actually. And while i agree ableton is harder to use because its design is waaaay more different then most other DAWs, it has some unique capability in terms of live production and showmanship. Fl studio for me is almost TOO easy, to the point where i don't give enough creativity to things. But hey afrojack uses fl studio, avicii uses fl studio, and most other producers use ableton/logic.... so its just a whatever floats ur boat thing:D
1. You started this. 2. So if youtube is for watching videos, then how are they supposed to get there? youtube is for sharing videos which includes the actions of watching and posting, and so I posted videos that people would be and are interested in. I've also posted an FL studio tutorial, but you chose to ignore that because it would inconvenience you when calling me a faggot. Well whatever got youre panties in a bunch in the first place, you can go work it out somewhere else
This car analogy is not applicable here because a car comes what it comes with. A DAW is pretty much a host for VST plugins with a sequencer. To me that merely translates to a car chassis. What you put in the DAW on the other hand makes a difference. Comparing a Subtractor with Massive would be like comparing an SLK to a Civic engine. The DAW does not matter, PERIOD. Don't like the built in EQ? Get a VST one. (I know Reason is an exception but it's true for the rest.)
Yeah I understand what you mean also. But from my personal experiences, as long as you understand your music software well, then you can rival pretty much the best out there. Of course the more "expensive" or "professional" DAWS out there provide a much easier shortcut to making better quality songs quicker, but to be honest, I've heard amazing songs from Cubase, FL studio, Reason, Ableton, Logic... pretty much the lot. But your point is a good one though.
These guys just hooked it up with a preview of a their jam and all you can do is talk shit on each others DAWs?! I have a strong feeling if you spent more time becoming extremely familiar with your DAW instead of talking shit on others your production leven would go up. And to the dudes in the vid: THAT INTRO SOUNDED BOMB!!!!
Why of course. If you put a 13 year old behind the wheel of the SLR I could probably beat him with my civic. I'm talking about two people who are pretty much equal on their production skills. But I do agree with Tigercalaw. A quick youtube search and you can hear great sounds and great songs made with all major DAW's.
I hear you, but with that analogy, I should be able to beat a Mercedes SLR with my Honda Civic because I consider myself a pretty good driver. Some of these DAW's are just not up to par with eachother. But like I said to Dorin, haven't used Cubase for years so maybe it's better now.
Cubase is what Noisia used in the early days and probably still use even today. I, myself, am mad about reason, because of the synthesis capabilities. Noisia found out how to make amazing music and bass noises with Cubase, so I doubt very much that it's shit.
I've never had a software that crashes as much as this POS DAW. You're always nervous that VST's won't bring the host down. And my PC was more than capable of running it. Maybe that's changed, it was years ago I ran Cubase. Never going back though.
I think that analogy is a little unfair. It's more like the DAW is the body work, and the user is the engine. So an idiot with Ableton may look more pro, but a genius with Cubase can make hits just as easily (Dodge and Fuski).
I use Reason with Cubase and its quite nice i think. logic is just for mac users and it's too expensive i think. ableton sucks because i don't understand it at all^^ like fl studio, too complicated.
OR I could be using YouTube as it was intended to be used: to watch videos. You're a faggot now stop replying to me you beta cunt.
Say's the kid who doesn't have videos. That means that all you use youtube for is being a lonely piece of shit on video comments.
Don't forget FL studio :) And Cubase isn't bad at all, it's the man behind the tool, not the tool itself that makes good music.
all the DAW's are good in there own way. You probably have no idea how to use cubase, that why you think its shit.
I like :), whats that DAW btw? logic? It looked like FL studio for a sec but then I saw that it was a mac lol
Shout at me if you want to, but if you want to burn someone, do it the right way or just shut up...
no more videos from go pros please. audio quality is just too terrible.
Who uses cubase? What a shit software. Reason/Ableton/Logic all da way.
shout? its the Internet, now stop replying to me you faggot.

LondonOnDaTrack Tutorial Pt.2 | Chords, Melody and Bass

//www.busyworksbeats.com/chordcodes/ Click Here to Download the LondonOnDaTrack Tutorial Files //busyworksbeats.com/products Click Here for ... https://zlumi.com/de/reviews/2366-mhlbachstberl/

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what this application please?
+Busy Works Beats .TV Thanks :)
+Dijei MadiB FL Studio, East West Composer Cloud for sounds
what soft ware do u use
+Tay Hammond fl studio 12
guys... can someone please explain to me the difference between melody and chord progression
Chord progression is the way you move from one chord to another. Melody is how the notes move individually. chord progression for example is "G Major to C Major" and Melody is "G to C". Gotta understand the difference between Chords and Notes before you can understand Chord Progression and Melody.
i got the play ew sounds cloud setup with an external hd but did it take forever to download the files ??/
+tha otherz I just let my computer on all night. You don't have to download every library at once either. You can go one at a time
Another dope video. But could you do a P-Lo / HBK Gang video?
Yes we need that tutorial
dude do a Film Noir Tutorial PLS!! I NEED IT
What's film noir? The genre of film?
+RePaperBag dude ffs now I cant unsee that
+RePaperBag well, if you didn't watch that vid, you wouldn't have that reference ;) lol
Recently bought the Big Drums kit, dope as always. Please make more kits this year, I could use more 808s and vocal samples
+Busy Works Beats .TV so you sell kits? for which prize ranges?
+captain Thank you again for your business. We will take your request

Embassy Works, Vauxhall, London, SW8

A collection of 37 studio, one, and two bedroom loft apartments in a Victorian warehouse conversion exhibiting exposed brickwork and period features, as well ...

A K Dolven: Looking for Balance

Join us for a visit in A K Dolven's studio in London, where we talked to the Norwegian artist about her inspirations and a selection of her diverse artwork: “Art is ...

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I don't want to sound judgemental..but it's hard to take something serious that takes very little work. I enjoy modern art and the abstract but come on. Teenagers lifting the sky. Not for me.
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