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Best Of Gumball 3000 Edinburgh 2016

Here are my highlights from this years Gumball 3000 in Edinburgh, it was a fantastic day & the cars where even better! If you guys enjoy then a like would be ...

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there should be F1 car in this event,or am i just imagining things?
+gsurfer04 i know that..but...i thought someone(i think it's from betsafe)brought F1 to this event...idk...they might pull that car out from this event
+TunersGTR F1 cars aren't road legal.
The SLS just fahkin', doors op'n.
+EK btw, i wouldn't be suprised if you already knew but i feel a battle in FM6 coming, the new DLC includes the P1 GTR, and naturally some other rediculous stuff such as a hot rod.
DeLorean status
+Matthijs Gerretse Haha XD
EK did you see the bat mobile? great vid man
+Harry pow Sadly not man, don't know why it didn't come :(
+EK awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Video EK, watching it live looks like so much fun :) my fav car was the Aventador SV and the Huracans :)
+Gairsy08 Thanks man, I agree with you on that one, they where sick :)
Wish i could go, i live in America so it would be quite pricey to get over there, But worth it to meet you my man. Keep up the good work EK
+Tyler Walker Not a problem man :)
+EK Definitely, there where some awesome cars at gumball this year. Thanks for the footage!
+Tyler Walker Maybe one year then :P
+EK Yeah, i havent been but i still go to alot of car shows.
+Tyler Walker I thought they have the Cannonball over there. Thanks man, will do :)
What's your xbox name
+lj a-c It's EKDrifter458 :)

Video Diary for Edinburgh, Fife and Glasgow (26th March 2016)

Well, here we go guys because this one is a long one! Starting in the house, I go over the plan of action (well, half a plan but whatever) before getting shuteye for ...

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Where is the duchess of Sunderland?
+Candice Meikle The run it was meant to do out of Glasgow was cancelled. It ran the weekend before this outing though.
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