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Rocket League CHAOS RUN DLC | Grog uber-truck (New Car) overview | 1080p

Video detailing 'Grog' the first of 2 new vehicles available in the dlc pack and all its new paints jobs/accessories.

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1979 BMW e12 528i new car overview and suggestions

Let me know what you think. I'm trying to keep it stock but the bumpers aren't my favorite.

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Hey yeah I was talking about the shocks in the front of the car and I wanted all the trims and side bumper things too and the layer of rubber between the bumper and the apron and what's the pricing on that I know shipping is already expensive I'm pretty tight on money right now let me know how much you need and // that's it the bottom of it where you tune it is put on with silicone so your going to have that cut open and should reseal it it's very important no dust gets in and I think you turn the little wheel clockwise if you wanna make it richer which should give you a bit more hp specially with some nice headers
+antonio durao Great, thanks for the link. I have all of those parts so no big deal. Whereabouts do you live for shipping? What do you believe would be a reasonable price?
Hey I have the same car are you interested in selling the front bumper and shocks by any chance and if I were you I'd put some nice headers on it k and n stock air filter get it tuned it's l jetronic injection so u gotta open the maf box and turn a wheel you should look it up suspension is very limited for this car i just got bilestein all around stock springs This car is super fun just drive it like you stole it I plan on putting in a oil cooler bc I beat the shit out of it and The headgasket blew and these heads are very likely to crack I got lucky though if I had the money if put in european bumpers they look wayyyyyyy better
+antonio durao would definitely be willing to sell the front bumper. If you're referring to the shocks in the suspension then i obviously couldn't sell those but if you're talking about the shocks attached to front bumper then I'd be fine letting those go. Let me know how it works out for you! Any possibilitiy you could link a how to for opening the maf box that you referred to?

My New Car! - Fiat Grande Punto Sporting Overview

Here it is! The successor to the ill fated and short lived Seicento.

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You didn't even pop the bonnet! :( Haha The issue with the stereo is very confusing if you ask me, you are probably better off replacing the head unit some time down the road. Maybe one that supports bluetooth. :)
Ah shit! Honestly it's a pretty puny looking engine to be honest. Nothing impressive ;)And yeah a new head unit is the long term plan. But this bodge job will do for the time being.
Hey Niall, awesome car! A very nice choice, it looks really sleek and I like the styling! What year is it by the way? Its really classy and I hope it serves you really well! Im the same in liking little bits of trim such as side skirts and factory spoilers, even though they don't provide any performance benefits they do look great and really make the car stand out! They are really nice 17" alloys too by the way! I really think that alloys spruce up a car a lot over plastic wheels! I am currently saving up for my first car at the moment which I can't wait for! Looking to go as late model as possible. Lol I know whats its like with trying to get the aux working on a stereo system! I had exactly the same problem with the stereo in the car I am driving now, it was a nightmare to get working and I have to play blank CD's etc to get it working. I don't think it was much of a consideration in older cars (or not so old cars). Keep up the awesome videos!
Oh ok that's cool as, nice late model car! Same here, I wouldn't be caught in a souped up car either, I particularly hate the aftermarket wheels that people put on cars and the lowered suspension, they all seem to be tasteless modifications. I really like the way yours is done with the nice alloys, factory spoiler and side skirts! Really cool little car!
It's an '08. Yeah I'm a fan of factory, stock cars that look great "as is". I'm one for subtle touches & wouldn't be seen dead in a souped up mess with aftermarket bodykits etc :L
Another cute little car that I've never heard of before :-) which was rather interesting. But my favorite part was at 10:04 when it said "Designed for Windows Mobile". And bonus points for the Start button on the wheel. I know Ford was big into the Microsoft stuff in years past, but even they didn't put the Windows logo on the steering wheel.
Haha yeah, Microsoft designed the (awful) Blue&Me system that Fiat use. The sticker made me chuckle too :L
Whos bothered about fuel economy, petrol where i live is cheaper than pop ! And will be for a long time.
Who's bothered? Me! The government take an unholy cut with petrol in the UK, and when you're driving 40/50 miles a day it all adds up.
blue and me i hate it too in the fiat 500
Preach it!

GTA V Online Festive DLC Vapid Slamvan NEW Car Overview

Go to to buy cheap recoveries. Like and subscribe if you enjoyed. In this video I show you one of the new cars which is part of the surprise ...

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I'm buying that car! That looks sick!
I'm uploading all the other cars from the new DLC as well. I hope you are enjoying the GTA christmas videos!



GTA 5 Online: NEW " Pegassi Zentorno" "High Life DLC" Car Overview. Fully Modified!

Feel free to "Like" and Subscribe if you enjoy the video. ○Click Here to Subscribe: // (Help Me get to 10k) ○Twitch Channel: ...

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Awesome car. Its a mix between the veneno and sesto elemento. Im gonna buy it for sure. Black/red.
yup im loving the new car.
I love this car,it have a amazing brake and a amazing acceleration,liked the video!!! P.S this car is a Lamborghini Veleno,but with the turbo is very very fast,but rockstar create this car without turbo I buy this car when I go to home,fantastic car!!!!!
Can you send me a invite on xbox live?my gamertag is StoriedBadge670
agree im loving this car also. Thanks for watching bud.
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