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Ferrari testarossa david mason Videos

Ferrari 250 GT Testarossa

Best sound in the world...

Admire 5 Ferrari Supercars Competed On Speed

Source Video: Salomondrin channel on youtube.com ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ In the clip after 5 Ferrari supercars had the ...

2x Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa - SLIDING on track! [HD]

Follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/mwvideochannel Some old footage of 2 classics at IAZ. Not just 2 old cars, but 2 legendary machines: the Ferrari 250 ...

User Comments

That's about a $15M mechanical masterpiece sliding around that track! Great show!
Lekkere sound!!! Mooie slide ook!
exclusieve beelden zeg! Top :)
Unieke bewerking

4 Ferrari 250 GTOs, 1 Minute-Walkarounds and Sounds

Like me on Facebook! www.facebook.com/dlmphotos Well, this was most likely a once in a lifetime experience,but you never know. The probability of seeing 4 ...

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Two of those cars were ours loading into our trailer (the blue one and the red one at the end). Thanks for capturing them and sharing them with everyone. Maybe we can partner up and show off some of our cars together? Check out our videos and let me know what you think.
@DarkpumA787 At the end of the video, it's tucked away in the trailer. Look for the number 4 on the screen :D
@supercarfan2000 Thanks! It was in Monterey, California, during the esteemed Carmel Car Week.
You just video-taped about 30-60 million USD worth of cars.
you can still see traces of this car in the 599 GTO
@MotionProducts Check your YouTube inbox :)
Lucky you. That last Ferrari sounds great!
Great, love the GTO´s
Which one is the 4th?
incredible !!!!!!!!
:O That is all.

Ferrari 512M-sunoco-PBIR

Penske/Donahue 512M raced 1971(?). Movie taken at Cavallino Palm Beach Jan 2009.

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Yes this appears to be the Daytona 1971 car. I was there, I THINK the "Kirk F. White" should be in white letters, but my memory may be rusty. I've also been eaten alive by mosquito's at PBIR, 1972 -1973 SCCA events. It's HELL on earth at night, next to the SWAMP!! jcarroll330P4@
The car is the 1971 entry, but is currently finished apparantly as the Watkins Glen car (blue spoiler) with some additional Le Mans stickers on the side. The Kirk F White letters were yellow with red edges.
My gokarting team mates dad lawrence stroll owns that 512m

Ferrari 512S @ Goodwood FOS 2010

Built 1970, 5.0 Litre V12. To compete with the Porsche 917, Ferrari built a new V12 and fitted to a modified 312 sports car. The 512S won the Sebring 12 hrs and ...
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