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Italian american flag lapel pin Videos


Palestine Palestinian Country Flag Enamel Pin Badge

BUY NOW: //cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=171310164478 Palestine Badge.

Intw with fugitive leader of Indonesian separatist group

Los Angeles, California USA, May 19, 2004 1. Mid shot of Indonesian separatist leader Alexander Manuputty 2. SOUNDBITE: (Bahasa Indonesian) Alexander ...

30 Years of Service to Arvin-Meritor Lapel Pin for sale for $100 plus $3 Shipping

30 Years of Service to Arvin-Meritor Lapel Pin for sale for $100 plus $3 Shipping Certified Check, Money Order or Cash to : Randall M. Rueff P.O. Box 412 ...

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I used to work for ArvinMeritor Toronto location. after 11 years of service I got pink slip with the rest of 600 other people. they moved to Mexico. its was good place to work, but bussiness strategy was self-destructing. RIP ArvinMeritor.
That's not even an ArvinMeritor pin. It's actually a Arvin pin. Which actually makes it even more rare since Arvin doesn't exist anymore... Especially after next year. Wait and see.
i worked at the franklin plant fired for no reason

Flag Pin Video

365 Days of Sculpture: Ham Sushi

Sculpture 32. Distant cousin of Hamtaro Full Size: //www.clayalchemist.com/post/27985713312/hamster-sushi 360º view: ...

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usbeadery. com is where I get the beads that I use for this guy. I typically use Delrin Eyes from AnimateClay, but the VERY white beads sometimes are better--shinier. USbeadery, go under Round beads, click on the diameter you need, and get the white beads. Then when adding them to your character, turn the holes vertically so you don't see them. You can paint on the pupil or if you like the hole, just use a pin to move the pupil.
Resources? I use Van Aken plasticine, which is available in the US in Hobby Lobby and Michaels. I just use basic tools, the most important one being my fingers. You need a certain hand to make sculptures at this scale. What else do you mean by "resources"?
Next Tuesday I plan on going. Wednesday will probably be the soonest on ClayAlchemist. com, but if I make a video specifically of shooting it, should be Thursday or Friday of next week :)
this is great! was this time lapse shot with iStopMotion as well? Looking forward to the final piece :) share the final iStopMotion piece and perhaps be featured on the Boinx blog!
Amazing what did you use for the eyes or did you just use fimo or sculply
this one makes me laugh how funny it looks. Great work though!
@TheBabbleBeast Haha, he's adorable in person as well.
This is my favourite one so far too, great work! :)
Hi, great work, waiting for a sushi bar update))
Yes, this time lapse is made with iStopMotion!
Haha, this is my favorite so far too :D
You're awesome bro I subscribed
@mezsmithy Thank you!

Edmonton Crusaders Marching Band - 1990 Stadthagen 1

4. Stadthagener Showfestival. Edmonton Crusaders Edmonton Alberta Canada.

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Wow. Thanks for posting that. I had almost forgotten. I was in the Color Guard back then. Brings back so many memories. Thank You.

Nazi Relic Review Ep. 99: T.E.N.O Officer Cap Eagle

This is a fantastic organization and a rare bird! It was a diverse mix of technicians and engineers, both straight out of school and older WWI veterans.

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Awesome original item a great. Find well done /////
very Nice find:)!
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