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Italian american flag sticker Videos

Thousands join protests against visit by US president

1. Wide of demonstrators standing in road blocking traffic 2. American flag with Nazi swastika on and Bush puppet 3. Rubbish bins blocking the road with a ...

Jake's size small American Flag and FXR helmet

White Pyraminx with Prismatic sticker(RubikFans-Shop on Ebay

White Pyramid with Prismatic Laser stickers turn very well //stores.ebay.com/RubikFans-Shop.

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Standard Int'l Flat Rate Shipping mean:If the airplane has the carrying ability of the surplus on that day,it will go with Air,and just fast like Expedited Int'l Flat Rate Shipping (usually arrive in 7 ~ 15 business days),otherwise,it will go with the Sea,and that deliver process isn't in my control,this why I write 4 ~ 6 weeks.
what shipping type you paid for? Standard Int'l Flat Rate Shipping(usually arrive in 4 ~ 6 weeks ) Expedited Int'l Flat Rate Shipping(usually arrive in 7 ~ 15 business days) this is all in my items describe. and you better give me your Ebay ID,then I can check it for you. cubefans
about 75% package just fast like Expedited Int'l Flat Rate Shipping,but still ,there will have about 25% package will with Sea and slow than that. and next time ,if you rush on time,you better choose Expedited Int'l Flat Rate Shipping (usually arrive in 7 ~ 15 business days)
Hi, I ordered a Pyriminx and Megaminx from you and have some questions: 1) Do you know where I could get replacement stickers for the pyriminx? 2) What lube do you use for the megaminx? Thanks! Your cubes are the best and you ship them fast as well!
1)I have some Pyriminx replacement stickers ,but not Prismatic sticker,normal colors stickers,if you will buy something from me again,add $1 on the total ,it will be yours. 2)I use no-oil based Silicon spray lubed the cube. thanks cubefans
Standard Int'l Flat Rate Shipping(usually arrive in 4 ~ 6 weeks ) Expedited Int'l Flat Rate Shipping(usually arrive in 7 ~ 15 business days) Express Mail International Shipping(usually arrive in 4 ~ 6 business days)
i have a really old russian pyraminx(regular). it has blue, gold, light green, and orange. the corners came off on purpose(one came off, couldn't find it, and you know) so i glued them back on and they STAY on.
I just ordered this from Ebay about last week! i cant wait till it gets here! one question though, how well do the stickers fair? i am a speedcuber so would they last long enough i hope?
hey! i ordered an eastsheen 2x2 and 5x5 from you, and let me just say i am very satisfied with my purchas. the shipping was faster than i expected. the cubes also work very well
i ordered 2 weeks ago and i hasnt come yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! even though i have 2 more weeks to go but i am not happy ur lucky my speedstacks r coming so i can entertain myself
yes,we combine Shipping,you can send us an list for the items you want VIA Ebay message,then I reply and let you know the total shipping cost will be. thanks Rubikfans
I was thinking of buying a pyraminx ,since your square 1 and megaminx turned and worked real good I probably want to get that one....reflecting stickers?
Prismatic sticker is just ok,can't use for very long time. but I will sell PVC stickers about 2 weeks later,that one can be use very long time. thanks
My pyraminx is disassebled and I can't put it back together I loosened a screw and the thing fell aprat in a whole bunch of weird pieces please help.
you can cut some by your self,it is not to hard,if you have time :) if buy from me,with the shipping will not cheap for only on set stickers. thanks
where can you find stickers. i got a pyra minx and i keep on droping it on the floor not the stickers are jacked up

SN@P Love 4x6 & 3x4 cards and stickers

Round Reflective Stickers Printing Services From"Stickersprinting.us"

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Stealing Food Not A Crime If You Are Homeless And Hungry: Italian Court

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