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After The Flag #2: A tale of two halves in Argentina

Dylan Gray takes looks back on all of the action from the #ArgentinaGP and gives his analysis of the MotoGP™, Moto2™ and Moto3™ races. Subscribe to ...

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what the hell is this? news flash?
+Anton Amirwandi we ARE cheap, that's why people are complaining because we used get the full on 25 minutes long for free, otherwise, we don't
Yes. For those who are too cheap to pay for the full motogp online season pass
Uhhhhhhh that whole walking and looking down at the camera was super awkward. Just stop. No..
+MotoBoy Agree, felt like it was almost to death beaten by the Ducati team Iannone :D
So Rossi takes out THE JOKER last year and they make him start the last race from China
+Kayla C its hard day for him. shit happens
+Vishnu Chaithra Rossi will always be a legend but in that moment and that moment only it didn't seem like it
+Kayla C so you are trying to prove that he is not god ... then u r ryt. He is not anymore ;)
+Vishnu Chaithra definitely unique but experience should have prevailed in that moment
+Kayla C So true i agree with you, But it was unique moment of his career for sure. i don't think he experienced this kinda situation before that.
+Vishnu Chaithra I never said anything about kicking Marc, I don't believe Rossi kicked him at all, the only thing he did was intentionally run Marc off racing line or as you said run him wide, and personally I think 'settle' is a term a lot of riders need to take on board - settling for 4th could've saved him the championship
+Vishnu Chaithra so I guess everyone should just move out of the way for Rossi because he might win the championship.....uh do you see the flaw in your logic? That's fucking bullshit
+Kayla C only thing he could have done in that race is settle for 4th place ... And let him go
+Kayla C actually he lost his temper thats sure .. But I don't think he kicked him also ... Because he knows the circumstances if he kicks someone in the race. But he pushed him wide
+Vishnu Chaithra yes the circumstances for Rossi were different, but battles as such are what racing is about - in saying that he still had another race ahead to think about but he reacted in a way I'm sure he knows was stupid and in turn it jeopardised his championship eventuating in the loss of it but in the end Rossi has been racing long enough to know so many better ways of handling such situations
See the situation is different .. U think about urself .. Ur last chance of winning championship and someone s interrupting you like no tomorrow .. How do you react ?
+Vishnu Chaithra Marc's moves may have been intentional but every move/pass any rider makes is intentional, running someone off racing line is a completely different intent
+MotoBoy marc's moves were also intentional
+RAT BURL another Rossi fanboy.....he did it on purpose. It was intentional. Completely different, but you already knew that....

Heart Flag Argentina

Raindrop Flag Argentina

Leuren Moret: Obama in Cuba & Argentina, 3/22, are handover to Jesuits. Putin creates peaceful model

VIDEO - Leuren Moret: Obama in Cuba & Argentina, 3/22, are handover to Jesuits. Putin creates peaceful model Obama Cuba-Argentina visits & 3/22 Brussels ...

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Where she said that Putin was chosen by Jelcin..I heard the other story, that they set up Jelcin with campaign funding, where the money went over NY, so they trapped him and demanded his resignation or exposure , further installed Putin instead of him....but what do I know what the truth could be.
+Vitka Frankovic   was not Yeltsin married to a Rothschild????????
Putin has said that he wants Russia to become the largest GMO free and organic food exporter in the world. He also enabled a free land program in 1999 for it's citizens, so they can grow healthy food and animals.
+Tribal Vibes Leather Denise It's nice to see how Russians who've lived in the West for years can't take it any more and are now returning back to their Motherland in droves! One of my Russian friends here in Canada is leaving after 17 years this summer and he told me that he can't find any good Russian doctor and other professionals, because they've all already gone...! Time to learn Russian y'all!
3/22= Genesis 3:22 in the Bible! The world leaders belive in this book BIG TIME and what CHRIST come to do, but the follow Lucifer! The ancient blood lines of the Fallen Angeles, these are your world rulers! They were here before and after the great flood, Numbers 13:33, is telling you who they are, the Giants or Nephilum, the 13 family blood lines or illuminati, 33 are the free masons, wake up people! Look at the date the Georgia Guide Stones were put in place, 3/22/1980! These are the NWO''s new set of commandments for you to follow, purposely breaking Gods 10 commandments! See more on this at this page, enter sight and open video page, watch the real reason for these guide stones. Where entering the days of Noah again, corruption of God's creation, your DNA! This is not a race war, or a religious war, this is spiritual, it's been that way since the beginning and the end is near! Wake up, reality is in your face! FIND CHRIST MY FRIENDS, GOD BLESS YOU ALL!
+Timothy Stewart  Thank you and may God bless and protect you and yours in these perilous times.
+daschundloverable Amen, thank you for more conformation, it's amazing what the body of Christ can do when United together. God bless you!
+Timothy Stewart   Ephesians 6:10-12
NATO -ISIS 100 % connected, No wonder Russia and Trump wants no part of NATO
+b2t 0ff   Did you hear that Lockheed is moving to India?
+b2t 0ff  who said they can make weapons from wood
+Star Dust weapons-ammunition doesn't grow on trees
Alfred Where does Lauren get her information about all popes and other royalties such as Italians have roots in Iran?
+susudjan if you spend some time in library researching name "phoenicians" you will know where all these institutions came from.
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