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Php date extension Videos

Beginner PHP Tutorial - 90 - Uploading Files: Restricting File Extensions Part 1

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Why go through the trouble of finding the literal extension of the file when you can just: $type=$_FILES['file']['type']; if ($type=='image/jpeg') { //upload code here } else { //error message here } like that
@lordofthemonths instead of getting the . get the letter after the dot, see if its a j, if not, then continue, and if it is, then check the letter after the j, see if its p, and so on
Why my brower displays list of files just in plain text,but yours just like the windows explorer(with file size and description)?Anyone can help me?
@lordofthemonths $var='image/jpeg'; $type = $_FILES['file']['type']; if ($type==$extn){}else{echo 'Only jpg files only';} this worked very well
you have just what i have been looking for ....... thanx man my final year project is done
is the variable $extension a function itself or can this be any name we give it? thanks!
@CroceMalo1 so we don't need to check the dot? only $type is enough?
cant you just do if($type=="images/jpeg" || $type=="images/png"){ }
$array = explode('.', 'some.thing.jpg'); $extension = end($array);
110 Tutorials to go, Love it! Thanks a million Mr Alex Garret
Sooooo many tutorials not in the right location.......
how do i restrict to only SWF video file format?
what if i upload a file called "some.thing.jpg"
This does not work on an online server though !
Why is if($type=='image/jpeg'){} not enough?
Yup , There is no need to check the dot :D
This series of tutorial are so important
this is suppose to be 89!
or "some.jpg.thing"
thanks a lot! :)
yes it does

MUSIC THEORY: Theory & Application of Extensions

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I understand that if you have a melodic phrase built off a particular scale, you can relatively easily build a harmonic foundation for that phrase by harmonizing that scale. Is there a way to reverse that process? In particular, is there a quick way to find a scale to use given a chord progression? I ask because I typically write rhythms and harmonies first and then fumble about trying to find a melody that fits in my songs. If this has already been answered, what video should I watch?
Thanks for the great videos Andrew, they're very informative! I had a question about 11th chords. I've heard it said several times that in building 11th chords, one should avoid using the 11th degree with major or dominant chords due to the dissonent half-step harmony it causes. I don't really understand this explanation, because maj7 chords have the same half-step harmony, just in a different part of the chord. Why are maj11 chords "taboo" where maj7 aren't? Thanks!
honestly man, great vids the way you explain your examples is second to none, but PLEASE just make a video where your intro song is a heavy metal electric riff. Be the funniest and coolest thing ive ever seen, just A HUGE dive bomb intro into some sweet licks. You obviously have great form and dexterity in your left hand, just wanna see your tremelo picking form your right with some sweet distortion. Switch it up a bit
Hey Great lesson. One question though...in ex #4 you describe the D7 as the secondary dominant to key centre, A Major.... I'm trying to understand the function you're describing for D7 as I thought secondary dominant meant the V chord of next chord, which would be E? I'm not calling you out on a mistake, I'm trying to grasp the info you gave so I can move onto next video. ;) thanks
When you start building 13 chords it really gets interesting. Seven notes, on six strings and with only four fingers (and a thumb if you're lucky). Something's got to give. In the 13 chord you have two sets of discordant notes. The 3-11 and the b7-13. Try playing an A13 like this x45432. It leaves out the 1 and 5 but includes both discordant pairs.
Amazing! Once again, the epitome of free guitar teaching! One question though... you see how you mentioned the dissonance of the 11th or 4th in relation to the 3rd on the major scale? How come that doesn't apply for the tonic C and the Major 7th B, which are also a half-step away? Thank you once again!
Secondary Dominants have two categories of use /function. They can be either, "Functioning," (which will go to the next expected chord). Or, they can be, "Non-Functioning," (which can essentially go to any other chord, diatonic or non-diatonic). Hope this helps. - Andrew
In my opinion, yes. You've probably noticed that an 11 chord has six notes and most of the time you can't build the chord including all of the notes (1, 3, 5, b7, 9 and 11). But you may want the discordant 3 and 11. To my ears that's what makes the chord interesting.
Yes, that was a mistake on my part. The proper chord there is actually an,"A (sus4) chord." My mind was just thinking about the key (or something along those lines) I guess. Good ear /eye! Thanks for pointing that out. - Andrew
I may have missed an explanation earlier in the video but in example # 5 you are calling for an Am chord to follow the Fmaj13. But in that Am chord it looks and sounds like you are fingering a D note and have no C note.
Once again you've given up a very enlightening lesson. Thank you. Until today, the fact that the 7th must be included before the 9th or 11th can be stated rather than add 2nd or 4th was a complete mystery.
Can I build a 11th chord by skipping the 3rd? Does that make any musical sense?
Is that Take Five that you are playing in the beginning?
Wow.. great lesson. Very inspiring. Thanks for posting..
Andrew, this was excellent; thank you for posting!!!
Very interesting. Thanks for sharing!
then why did you click on the video?
you play so smooth and effortless
God I hate musical theory!!!
Well taught, Thanks.
thanks a lot,

Guitar Theory: Analyzing 11th & 13th Chord Extensions

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God. I'm sick of seeing that dick with the Lamborghini every time I open a video.
+Darren Malbut If you're on chrome or firefox, add an adblocker to either of them. That should cure your ills.
I'm not sure what level he is teaching to. Too fast for me.
+Robert Bell probably someone who already has a good grasp on 7th chords.
+creativeguitarstudio thanks for clarifying the maj7#11 chord but why do we often see #11 in dominant 11 chords too? Here you've said that we use the natural 11 in place of the 3 in a dominant. Shouldn't that also have a #11??
He didn't explain the #11 at all. Look up Lydian Chromatic Concept for a more in-depth explaination.
The #11 would make the dominant an altered dominant chord (b5). Dominant 11th chords imply the natural 11. Both are used, but I would typically see an altered chord notated with the b5 rather than #11.
Way too fast and complicated. Thanks for confusing me and showing how knowledgeable you are
Many of us found it useful and enlightening and were able to follow along with the video. If you're confused, you're obviously looking at material beyond your current capabilities! Don't blame the tutor. 

PHP Tutorial in Filipino Part 33 File Upload File Extension Validation

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Hello po. Paano po ba i-validate ang pdf fake file uploading? Just like changing the extension name from .doc to .pdf. Paano po ba natin ma-prevent ang ganitong situation?
Search mo nalang sa google pdf mime type php.
Search mo nalang sa google pdf mime type php.
Search mo nalang sa google pdf mime type php.
+Jepoy M //stackoverflow.com/questions/312230/proper-mime-media-type-for-pdf-files

Learn PHP - Introduction To Functions

I think you will be happy to hear we have moved passed chapter one of learning PHP, we are now moving to chapter two where we will be making and learning ...

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Definitely a thumbs up for this! :)
Thanks man :) really appreciated!
Where is the function?

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