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Lackawanna man accused of trying to join ISIS AM RECAP

Prosecutors say Arafat Nagi, a U.S. citizen, attempted to support the terrorist organization. A raid was conducted by the FBI at his Olcott Street home in ...

What Do Ferguson, ISIS, Cosby and the Snow in Buffalo Have in Common?

The answer? A motivation that drives lobsters, lizards, and puppy dogs. An engine that drives the forces of history.

User Comments
I feel like Howard's comments section is the one place where I won't see awful, racist, stupid shit. I hate 99% of humanity and the vacuous, ubiquitous shit they say.
Yet you left a comment on a channel that might attract response...
You hate 99% of humanity buddy? What about the people you know in real life? You must have friends, you must have family. I guess you can drive on the highway and be mad at the one jerk who cut you off but don't notice the 99 people who drive properly and even the occasional person who stops and lets you in
Howard, to put that quote from the Daily Mail in context, the Mail is notorious in the UK as a scaremongering tabloid rag founded by a Nazi sympathiser, and was a vocal supporter of the British Union of Fascists. Contemporaneously, it has a well-documented tendency to run articles about underage girls which have generated a high volume of traffic for their website. It is not a source whose reportage I would trust in the matter of a racially sensitive topic.
+therandom894It was indeed a very long time ago, and one would assume the organ to be more enlightened, but a common joke soundbite about the Mail goes something along the lines of: "The Mail hates jews, homosexuals, intellectuals, bankers, artists, non-whites, liberals, gypsies, immigrants, and has a predisposition towards underage girls that no-one seems to talk about - it's really left its Nazi past behind."
+Brigonos Mac Giolla Chomhgaill i mean that was such a long time ago and so has little bearing on the paper today(part about them being founded by a nazi sympathizer). But i do agree with you
+therandom894Yes, by Alfred and Harold Harmsworth, the latter being a proponent of appeasement who controlled the paper when his more moderate brother Alfred passed away.  Harry personally wrote the infamous "Hurrah for the Blackshirts" editorial, and had correspondence with Adolf Hitler in which he encouraged Hitler to invade Romania.
it was founded on 4 May 1896 though
Then cannot any dispute of any kind be attributed to the pecking order, fundamentally speaking? When is this not the case?
+IronPaed good question.  let me ponder.
Did you really meet Terence McKenna in the late 90,s when you were sick ?
so it was true thank you for answering it makes me sad that he,s gone it by great hear what he would have say about the way things are going on in the world.that said i sometimes think maybe he did what he needed to and now it,s time for someone else to pick up the slack but who? and how?
+manarayofhope23 he was supposed to come visit me.  two days before the visit he had his brain problem, something like a hemmorhage. so he never made it.  alas, the brain incident killed him.

Man allegedly traveled to Buffalo to recruit fighters for ISIS

U.S. Attorney William Hochul says the 30-year-old naturalized U.S. citizen once traveled to Buffalo, to help someone he was trying to recruit as an ISIS fighter get ...

Muslim Community says it stands by Lackawanna

The WNY Muslims Organization says it stands by the people of Lackawanna. This after suspected terrorist Arafat Nagi was arrested last week, accused of joining ...
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